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Page 9 Ch 1 Travel to Japan

ローリーのスーツケースが 自然しぜんいて、 ふくばらばらゆかにちらばってしまい、ローリーは ずかしくて かおカーッあかくなってしまいました。

Then, Roary trips as the train is stopping, causing his luggage to fall and open up, spilling his clothes everywhere to Roary’s embarrassment.
Roorii no suutsukeesu ga shizen ni aite, fuku ga barabara to yuka ni chirabatteshimai, Roorii wa hazukashikute kao ga kaa to akakunatteshimaimashita.

その あとすぐに、 電車でんしゃガタガタとゆっくり はしはじめました。ローリーはホストファミリーと うため、 つぎえき電車でんしゃりましたが、とても つかれていたので ちかくのベンチに ぐったりすわり、 ホーッとため いきをつきました。

After a few more moments, the train begins to rattle as it slows. In order to meet his host family, Roary gets off at that train station. Roary is exhausted from standing on the train for so long. Roary sighs with relief as he steps off of the train and sits on a nearby bench in his destination station.
Sono ato sugu ni, densha wa gatagata to yukkuri hashirihajimemashita. Roorii wa hosutofamiri to autame, tsugi no eki de densha o orimashitaga, totemo tsukareteitanode chikaku no benchi ni guttari to suwari, hoo to tame ike o tsukimashita.
Sec 1.3 At the Train Station Page 10

Cultural Note: Train Etiquette

There are some guideline/rules when it comes to riding the train in Japan that one is expected to follow. Many Cars in Japan can be designated for women only. It’s also good manners to not sit in the priority seats marked for the elderly, pregnant women, handicapped, and injured (unless you’re one of them). It’s a must to turn your phone on “manner mode” (silent mode) as to not disturb anyone. Talking is not okay unless you are talking quietly to someone next to you. However, talking on your cell phone or talking loud on the train is considered extremely bad manners. As far getting on the train, it’s important to line up on the platform. There are specific marks on the platform to show the commuter where the doors open.