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Page 29 Ch 2 Homestay

そして、ローリーは そとかたんという 鹿威ししおどしの おときました。 ローリーが からだあらうために 温泉おんせんから ると、 ヒャッかんじました。だから、 きょろきょろしていると、ローリーの となりにお けが ぬってきました。ローリーは おどろいて ぎょ見開みひらきました。 そして、お けから ダダッげながら、 ギャーさけびました。しかし、ローリーは すべって ザブーン温泉おんせんちてしまいました。

Outside, Roary hears the hollow plink of a deer scare. As Roary gets out to go wash himself off properly, he feels a sudden chill. Looking around, he sees a ghost appear next to him. Roary’s eyes grow wide with surprise, and he screams as he tries to run away from the ghost; however, Roary slips and ends up falling back into the onsen with a big splash.
Soshite, Roorii wa soto de katan to iu shishiodoshi no oto o kikimashita. Roorii ga karada o arau tame ni onsen kara deru to, hya to kanjimashita. Dakara, kyorokyoro shiteiru to, Roorii no tonari ni obake ga nu to detekimashita. Roorii wa odoroite gyo to me o mihirakimashita. Soshite, obake kara dada to nigenagara, gyaa to sakebimashita. Shikashi Roorii wa subette zabuun to onsen ni ochite shimaimashita.

だから、ローリーは かわかすために、 ぶるからだふるわせました。 そして、まだお けが えていて、 こわったので、 ぐすっしました。 しばらくして、お けは えたので、ローリーは 安心あんしんして、 はーっいききました。

He shakes himself in order to dry his fur. He starts crying because he is scared. After a few moments of scaring Roary, the ghost silently disappears and Roary calms down. He finally relaxes again with a sigh of relief.
Dakara, Roorii wa ke o kawakasu tameni, buru to karada o furuwasemashita. Soshite, mada obake ga mieteite, kowatta node, gusu to nakidashimashita. Shibarakushite, obake wa kieta node, Roorii wa anshin shite, haa to iki o tsukimashita.

それから、お とうさんのウォーとワンクンは 温泉おんせんはいりました。ローリーは 二人ふたりいまのできごとを 説明せつめいしました。 二人ふたりはローリーの はなしわらいましたが、ローリーが 大丈夫だいじょうぶきました。 温泉おんせんでしゃべってリラックするしていると、 からだほかほか あたたまりました。 それから、 三人さんにんるために、 温泉おんせんました。 なが一日いちにちあとみんな部屋へや布団ふとんくたりよこたわりました。

Uwoo and Wankun enter the hot spring, and Roary tries to describe to them what just happened. They laugh at his story and make sure he’s okay. After spending more time talking and relaxing in the hot spring, the three leave so that they can head to bed. In their room, they lie on their futons, exhausted from their long day out.
Sore kara, otousan no Uwoo to Wankun wa onsen ni hairimashita. Roorii wa futari ni ima no dekigoto o setsumei shimashita. Futari wa Roorii no hanashi o waraimashita ga, Roorii ga daijoubu ka kikimashita. onsen de shabette, rirakkusu suru shiteiru to, karada ga hokahoka ga atatamarimashita. Sore kara, sannin wa neru tame ni, onsen o demashita. Nagai ichinichi no ato, minna wa heya de futon ni kutari to yokotawari mashita.
Sec 2.3 Onsen Page 30

Culture Notes:


An Onsen is a public bathing facility centered around tourism in Japan. There is specific things one is expected to do and not do at an Onsen. The following etiquette is as followed:

Don't put your hair in the water at the onsen.

Visitors must wash themselves off before entering the onsen, with plenty of soap and with use of the hand towels provided.

Most onsen provide stools to sit on when washing yourself. Be sure to rinse the stool off afterwards

Coin lockers are used to put belongings in; do not bring them into the onsen with you Swimsuits and other clothing are not allowed in the onsen.

No photography is allowed in the onsen.

Don't let the hand towel in the water; if it falls in, wring it out outside of the onsen.

Water is for soaking and relaxing, not splashing and swimming.


In Japanese , Shishi-odoshi literally means deer scarer. It is a bamboo fountain that scares away critters from entering and damaging the onsen.

Tattoos in the Onsen

Generally speaking, tattoos are not allowed, and those who have them are prohibited unless they can cover them up sufficiently. Tattoos in Japan are uncommon, and they are reminiscent of yakuza members. The stigma creates the prohibition of them in onsen. There are very few onsen that allow tattoos. Private onsen are sometimes available at inns (sometimes for a higher fee) for those with tattoos.