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Page 81 Ch 6 Goodbyes

ローリーは からものべた あと、レモネードを みました。 すると、 さっぱり気持きもちよくなりました。お とうさんのウォーはそれを のどカラカラかわきました。 でも、ピッチャーはからっぽでした。

Roary drinks some lemonade after a particularly hot bite of food, and it leaves him feeling refreshed. Uwoo sees him drinking the lemonade, and gets a dry throat from thirst, but the pitcher is empty.
Roorii wa karai tabemono o tabeta ato, remonneedo o nomimashita. Suruto, sappari to kimochi yokunarimashita. Otousan no Uwoo wa sore o mite nodo ga karakara ni kawakimashita. Demo, picchaa wa karappo deshita.

ワンクンはオイシイチャンの いもうとのビジンチャンと はなそうとしました。 でも、 緊張きんちょうして、 ぼそぼそとしか はなせませんでした。だからビジンチャンはワンクンの こえこえませんでした。 ワンクンは カーッかおあかくなって、 げました。ビジンチャンは こまって まごまごとしました。 その うち、ワンクンは もどってきて、 勇気ゆうきあつめて、ビジンチャンに 昨日きのうくろねこのぬいぐるみをあげました。 ビジンチャンはそのぬいぐるみを ったので、ワンクンにハグをしました。その よるみんなしあわせな 気分きぶんになりました。

Wankun tries to talk to Oishichan’s sister, but all he can do is speak in a low voice that she can’t hear. Wankun gets embarrassed, blushes, and runs away. Bijinchan is left confused and not knowing what to do. Eventually, Wankun comes back and manages to work up the courage to give Bijinchan the black cat plushie he won at the arcade the previous day. She ends up loving it so much that she gives Wankun a hug. The night ends happily for everyone.
Wankun wa Oishiichan no imouto no Bijinchan to hanasou to shimashita. Demo, kinchoushite, bosoboso to shika hanasemasen deshita. Dakara Bijinchan wa Wankun no koe ga kikoemasendeshita. Wankun wa kaa to kao ga akakunatte, nigemashita. Bijinchan wa komatte magomago to shimashita. Sono uchi, Wankun wa modottekite, yuuki o atsumete, Bijinchan ni kinou no kuro no neko no nuigurumi o agemashita. Bijinchan wa sono nuigurumi o kiniitta node, Wankun ni hagu o shimashita. Sono yoru, minna ga shiawase na kibun ni narimashita.
Sec 6.2 The Last Supper Page 82

Culture Note: Meal Etiquette

Table manners differs extremely in different countries.In Japan, there are specific customs surrounding eating. Unlike the U.S. it is slurping while eating soup or noodles is acceptable. Also, you should never pour soy sauce directly on your food. The proper way to do so is to pour it into a bowl and dip your food.

In Japan, it is customary to pick up a small bowl and hold near your mouth while eating. However larger dishes aren’t meant to be picked up.

Before eating the meal, it’s considered polite to say “itadakimasu” which means I humbly receive or bon appetit. And after the meal the phrase to say it “gochisosama deshita”which mean that was delicious.