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Page 85 Ch 6 Goodbyes

つよきずなせるのために、ローリーとワンクンは コツンこぶしをあてました。

Roary and Wankun end up bumping fists, showing their friendship that built up throughout the trip.
Tsuyoi kizuna o miseru no tame ni, Roorii to Wankun wa kotsun to kobushi o atemashita.

そして、ローリーはホストファミリーとオイシイチャンとハグをして、セキュリティに とぼとぼあるはじめました。 そして、ローリーはアメリカ きの 飛行機ひこうきりました。30 ぷん 飛行機ひこうきガクンうごして、 ちました。 ローリーは 日本にほんでたくさん 間違まちがいをしましたが、 あたらしい ひとたちに 出会であって、 たのしい おもつくることが 出来できました。

Roary then hugs the rest of his family and Oishichan, and then begins to move solemnly towards the security gate leading to his plane. Then Roary boards the plane that will return him home to America. After waiting thirty minutes, the plane starts to move and takes off with a sudden jerk. Even though he made many mistakes, he was able to meet many new people and create plenty of happy memories as well.
Soshite, Roorii wa hosutofamirii to Oishiichan to hagu o shite, sekyuriti ni tobotobo to arukihajimemashita. Soshite, Roorii wa Amerika iki no hikouki ni norimashita. Sanjuppungo, hikouki wa gakun to ugokidashite, tobitachimashita. Roorii wa nihon de takusan machigai o shimashita ga, atarashii hitotachi ni deatte tanoshii omoide o tsukuru koto ga dekimashita.
Sec 6.3 Sayonara Page 86

Culture Notes: Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine is unique to Japan where it developed over centuries. Traditional cuisine is usually based on rice, miso soup, and other dishes. The side dishes can often consist of sashimi, grilled fish, deep fried food, and vegetables. Rice has long been a staple food in Japan along with noodles like in udon and soba. Usually seasoning aren’t heavy and they are light enough to just enhance the natural flavors of the dish. Soy sauce, sake, vinegar, and sugar are typical seasonings used. Even when it comes to making broths with soup, the ingredients are kept simple and light. The broth for udon is simply made out of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin along with scallions. There are several Japanese dishes, such as sushi, ramen, and curry, that have also become popular amongst foreigners. Sushi is often times a combination of seasoned rice with raw seafood and vegetables. The presentation can differ depending on the ingredients. For instance, Nigirizushi are small oblong balls of rice topped with raw fish or shellfish, and makizushi is is rice, egg, and vegetables rolled in nori (seaweed) and is generally cut into smaller pieces. Consisting of Chinese style wheat noodle, flavored broth, and meat, Ramen is very popular in Japan. There are many different types of ramen and also the style varies in different regions. After the introduction and development of curry in Japan, it is now widely consumed. The main ingredients for curry are are onion, carrots, potatoes, and meat (beef, pork, or chicken). It can be served over rice or udon noodles.