Having students discuss works of art will help them think critically about their museum experience. Use this activity to have students take a closer look at art in the BSU Museum of Art.


Ask students to recall their visit to BSU Museum of Art and select a few of their favorite objects. Locate images of these works of art online using DIDO. While students are looking at the images, have them answer some or all of the following questions:

  1. What is happening in this work of art and what do you see that makes you say that?
  2. Does this work of art seem to be fulfilling a purpose (such as telling a story, documenting an achievement, etc.)? If so, what is that purpose?
  3. If there were music accompanying this work of art, what would it sound like?
  4. What is the mood of this object? What do you see that makes you say this?
  5. Where does your eye look first in this work of art? Do you think the artist did this intentionally?
  6. What do you learn from this work of art that you might not learn from a book, website, or article?
  7. What could you learn about this object from a book, website, or article that you might not learn from looking at the work of art itself?

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