Follow these seven simple steps to prepare for a great visit to BSU Museum of Art!


  1. Choose a date and topic for your visit. Then schedule your tour.
  2. Visit our Audio Tour for a map and museum orientation.
  3. Visit the museum beforehand or use DIDO to choose works of art. Consider a collection viewing to see objects not currently on display.
  4. Create your own lesson plan to prepare your students for the tour.
  5. Use Art Exploration as an in-class activity to promote class discussion of art. Then have students explore the Timeline on their own to learn more about specific styles and movements.
  6. Show students our entertaining "Bob and Sue Go to the Museum" for tips on museum etiquette.
  7. Enjoy your visit to the museum and check out our After the Visit information!

*Art on this website is from the BSU Museum of Art collection. Some of this art may include depictions of the human form in its natural state. Replicating the intricacies and beauty of the human form is an artistic challenge and accomplishment. Please use this opportunity to help students appreciate art of this nature.

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