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Photo of the Indelible team in front of the VBC house.
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Welcome to Indelible! This podcast’s purpose is to start a new conversation about sexual violence on college campuses.


Episode One: Beginnings

On college campuses, most sexual assaults take place at the beginning of the school year, also known as the “Red Zone.” When you’re in a new place, surrounded by new people and experiences, what should you know about how to take care of yourself and your friends?

Episode Two: Aftermath

No one person heals the same way after a traumatic event, but each person should be given the same opportunity to heal in a safe environment.

Episode Three: Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that protects people from gender-based discrimination. Join us as we talk to two survivors about their experiences with Title IX on their college campuses and explore the complexities of campus policy. 

Episode Four: Pursuing Charges

Pursuing charges for sexual assault can be daunting to try to navigate. Join us as we try to demystify the legal system by talking to Piper, a survivor who went through a difficult court case, as well as a campus police officer and a deputy prosecutor. 

Episode Five: Empowerment Self-Defense

For the final episode of Indelible’s first season, we end on a note of hope. Join us as we dive into our survivor Rachel’s story, and learn how they have begun to heal from their assault through empowerment self-defense.

Bonus Episode: What's Changed with Title IX

In August 2020, the Department of Education released a new set of guidelines for how schools are required to regulate Title IX cases—and, unfortunately, they seem to be a step backward instead of a step forward. In this bonus episode, we explain how Title IX has changed and how student survivors will be affected by these controversial new guidelines.