Meet the students and faculty

Meet a mix of students returning from the spring immersive seminar and incomers who want to tell more stories of the untold, under-recognized, and unheard.


Hayden Emrah is a public relations major with minors in marketing, sociology, and entrepreneurial business, and is a continuing student from the spring 2021 semester. “I first joined because it seemed like an opportunity to do something different from a typical classroom.”  While with Inform Muncie, Hayden’s purposes have changed; he’s helped with the business plan, creating customer outreach and mission statement sections. He hopes to continue the work we theorized about last semester by achieving our next set of stepping stones for this semester.

Jacob Hale is a sophomore majoring in telecommunications and journalism, with a focus on news and minoring in sociology. He is a continuing student from the spring 2021 semester. Some of Jacob’s hobbies include video editing, photography, film study, and storytelling. Jacob is a part of Inform Muncie because he likes covering stories focused on people and their impact on their community. Any skills he improves as a reporter while doing so is simply a bonus.

Amber Henderson is new to Inform Muncie and joined to hone in on her journalistic abilities. “I was very interested in the independent study aspect of the class and the ability to cover the uncovered.” Amber says she wants to achieve a realistic look into a potential career path, and says her purpose here is to represent a lighter, more positive type of journalism.

Sam Keevil is a continuing student from the spring 2021 semester. She is a public relations major with concentrations in event planning and communications studies. “In my free time, I play ukulele, play video games, watch comedy shows, and sing and dance like nobody is looking. Working on Inform Muncie has given me a new sense of purpose and motivation to be an informant for as many people in my life as possible.”

Maddie Mills-Craig is double majoring in public relations and history. She joined Inform Muncie because she is passionate about better working and engaging with the Muncie Community. Maddie is entering her junior year at Ball State and is excited to learn the ins and outs of journalism with her fellow classmates. Maddie’s favorite thing in Muncie is visiting Minnetrista with her friends. One fun fact about Maddie is that she comes from a family with two moms and she was adopted from China. Her dream job is to one day work for the foreign service department and improve US relations with other countries.

Sam Sherman is a continuing student from the spring 2021 semester. He is a journalism major at Ball State University. He spent some time as a sports anchor for NewsLink Indiana and a podcast analyst/host for Cardinal Sports Live. Recently, Sam was the drummer for a local band and enjoys stand-up comedy and comedy writing. He hopes to continue practicing journalism as well as engaging his passions for comedy and music. “The opportunity to learn from my community through Inform Muncie has been incredibly valuable. I can’t wait to see the role Inform Muncie plays in bettering the lives of people in our community.”

Ian Tannenbaum is continuing Inform Muncie from the spring. They joined Inform Muncie in order to gain experience working with communities to communicate sociological ideas and solutions. They came back this semester because their first semester working with Inform Muncie helped them see how unique Muncie is. They want to continue to help Inform Muncie grow and serve the amazing communities of Muncie.

Jama Tighe is a public relations major with a focus in event planning, she’s excited to be a part of Inform Muncie for her first year. Jama is a part of the promotions team and she loves all things social media. Being a part of Inform Muncie has shown her how historic Muncie is, and how important community is to her. “Community is the biggest part of our lives and making sure the people in the community are heard, as well as represented, is important to me!” Jama has always loved writing and remembers the time when she would write stories and read them to her brother and sister. Writing is a huge part of her life and always will be, and she’s excited to share her writing with the community. Jama also loves taking pictures and does photoshoots for friends and family around the Muncie community. She hopes to take pictures for the community to hold onto, and believes everyone has the right to be heard. She is excited to represent Inform Muncie.


Juli Metzger is an associate lecturer with the Department of Journalism and a 2020-21 fellow at the Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry at Ball State University. She co-led students examining news deserts and developing a new inclusive media outlet –Inform Muncie-focused on the unrecognized and under-served communities in Muncie. Over a 30-year career as a journalist, she’s been a reporter, city editor, features editor, managing editor and was the top editor of three newspapers and president and publisher of three others.