Spread Christmas Cheer by Sending Flowers!

By Morgan Wood

Millers Flowers is the perfect place to get your flowers. They have floral arrangements for every holiday and even special occasions. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, or for a funeral, Millers Flowers has you covered. I think that they have the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen. They are above my price range, but I think they would be worth it. 

Millers Flowers is a local florist shop that started all the way back in 1929 in Muncie, Indiana. It has been family owned and they have a huge range of flowers for anyone. You can even personalize your arrangement as well. You have the choice to put balloons, a stuffed animal, and chocolates with the floral arrangement. How cute is that?! You can choose your delivery date, write a message for the card, and even out special instructions if you wish. Millers Flowers makes that so it feels very personal. 

They have such great reviews on their website. Everyone thinks that the floral arrangements were gorgeous and worth every penny. Some folks even said how kind and professional everyone was who worked there. Quite a few of them are actually regular customers as well and have never purchased flowers from any other company.

Millers Flowers however is usually known for specializing in wedding flowers. I am studying to be an event planner, and I will for sure recommend Millers Flowers for weddings. For weddings, they offer entryway or welcome table arrangements to welcome the guests, a flower arrangement for the bride to walk down the aisle with, aisle decorations to accent the chairs down the aisle, and the tossing of the petals for a flower girl or boy. They have so much to offer. Whatever your heart desires, you got it. You do however need to schedule a consultation to get the perfect arrangement for your special day. 

The company also features some special offers. They have Deal of the Day which is a designer’s choice. You or your loved ones will get surprised with a floral arrangement made by a professional designer. Another option is the Weekly Special. The Weekly Special is every week, they have a new and unique floral design for the customer. You or the recipient will be surprised with the arrangement. The last special is Birthday Florals. This is also a designer’s choice. I think that this would be the perfect gift for my mom on her birthday. 

Not only do they make flower arrangements, but they also make gift baskets as well. They have a Pamper Me basket filled with a bunch of self care items. They also have a chocolate lovers basket, which I would probably get the most since I love chocolate. It honestly probably would be gone in a few days though. You can even do the classic fruit basket that we all see shown in movies and tv shows. That’s what people seem to do when they mess up, they send a fruit basket. 

Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

In my opinion, I really think this company is beautiful. Everything that they make is just outstanding. Every single piece is super unique. They put so much time and effort into making these pieces and it really shows. I honestly will be using them in the near future for future events that I plan or if I want to send a gift to someone.

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