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Boyd finds artist within

By Sam Keevil 

After retiring in 2011, Eugene Boyd wanted to find a hobby to occupy his time. The bass guitar was interesting but it wasn’t satisfying his creative itch.  

When he picked up clay in a class at Cornerstone Center for the Arts, though, it triggered a love of throwing pottery and the arts. He couldn’t get enough time at the pottery wheel at Cornerstone so he picked up some hours at Made in Muncie Pottery (formerly Artist Within). It wasn’t long until he had his own studio and gallery. 

“I started this in my garage at first, but it kind of didn’t work,” Boyd explained. “I was looking at having another garage built, and [my neighbor] was selling his house. I ended up getting this place for the same price I was going to get the garage built for.”  

Today, Boyd’s Pottery is located at 2701 N. Buckles St. in Muncie. 

In 2019, Boyd earned an award at the Old Washington Street Festival for Best Crafts Person. While his public exhibitions stopped in 2020, Boyd took the free time to practice his craft and started making commissioned pieces for friends and family.  

“It’s been a joy watching him go from thinking his hobbies were a luxury he didn’t have time for to realizing he has a passion for pottery,” said Oseye Boyd, Eugene’s daughter. 

When he’s not making pottery at his business, Boyd volunteers his at Cornerstone teaching pottery to people of all ages. 

“When I plan out the activities for our youth summer camps, he is one of the first teachers to volunteer to be a part of the programming,” said Claire Aldenhuysen, Director of Education at Cornerstone.  “He loves the kids, and the kids adore Mr. Eugene.” 

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