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Nicole Steward Nicole Steward

Nicole Steward hails from Kendallville, Indiana, where the town claim to fame is that it was once the home of a former Miss Indiana. However, besides that titillating distinction, it is a town in much the same vein as many of northeast Indiana's small towns. It is covered with farmland interrupted by the occasional patch of forest. Besides Nicole's obvious affection for her homeland, as an English major, she is also interested in literature. In fact, this interest, coupled with the desire to escape the confines of the traditional classroom, is what led her to this seminar. Through this experience, she has gained useful environmental knowledge, as well as an appreciation for Indiana, which she formerly believed to be a rather drab state. She will remember her warm, fuzzy notion of Indiana when she (hopefully) moves out of the state next year to attend law school. Nicole's contributions to this website include the entries on Susan Neville, Jean Shepherd, and Maurice Thompson. Nicole served as a member of the research team, writing entries for the Regions and Environment sections, and was also a member of the copy editing team.