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Student Picture Kimberly Adams

Kimberly Adams was born in Chino, California in October of 1984. She moved to Indianapolis, Indiana at the end of 1993 with her parents and older brother and sister. She attended Catholic school for grades 3-8 and graduated from Perry Meridian High School in Southern Indianapolis in 2003. Kim began her college career the following fall at Ball State University, majoring in Criminal Justice and Criminology. She later on added a second major in Psychology. She intends to use her education to help women in need of counseling at local women’s correctional facilities. She enjoys reading, writing, sewing, and cooking. Although there is little spare time to do these things after work and school, she tries to make time for them and also tries to visit family as often as possible. Kim has written passages on Mildred Trivers, Rebecca Lard, and Miriam Mason for this website.