In the spring of 2018, staff from the Ball State University Libraries, Minnetrista, the Delaware County Historical Society, and Muncie Public Library joined forces to discover and document “notable women” in the history of Muncie and Delaware County. It was a mission to learn and to teach about some of the amazing stories lost, overlooked, ignored, misrepresented, and sidelined—the goal is literally making history.

“Notable” includes women doing good deeds and being inspiring. But it also can be defined by the despicable and the ignorant.

“Notable” just means that she is a representative part of Muncie and Delaware County and Indiana history. Her story is one to behold, to bewilder, to bemoan, but mostly to be heard.

This site will tell stories via biographies, photographs, oral histories, essays, documentary videos, and community Zoom presentations. Teachers and professors can utilize lesson plans, and student- and community-created projects will be featured so everyone can join in the notable storytelling to make history.