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The Stigma of Meth

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Addict called to start recovery home

Dori Granados traces her addiction back to age 12 when she began compulsively eating food, followed by alcohol abuse then experimenting with drugs by age 14. She continued to use various drugs, including speed and meth, before settling on crack cocaine when she was 30.

“You name it, I tried it at least once. I didn’t say no to any drug,” said Dori, who is 53 now. She last used drugs 10 years ago.

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“I was the person wasting away my life, and now I’m the one they look to for help. God has opened every door for me. All I have to do is keep being the best person I can be.”

The $1,000 home

Craig Graybeal bought a house a year ago at 1215 W. 10th St. for $1,000 after the tenants were busted for cooking methamphetamine in the attic. He planned to rehab and resell it as part of his nonprofit’s mission to restore neighborhoods.

The house was uninhabitable. The outside was overgrown by weeds. Once inside the house, Graybeal wore a mask, rubber gloves, and a hazmat suit to protect his skin from the residual chemicals from cooking meth. Trash was strewn throughout the house – old board games, stuffed animals, clothing, broken furniture, and fast food wrappers covered the floors.

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