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Roary's Story: Travel to Japan



This book provides opportunities for learners of Japanese from the beginning to the Intermediate levels to encounter a variety of onomatopoeias and learn authentic onomatopoeia use through context. The students are able to learn them at the word level as well as the sentence level with this book. In addition, the book includes both illustrations and animations which make learning onomatopoeias more interesting, and the students are also able to learn the onomatopoeia words visually and aurally. This book is composed of six chapters and each unit of this book is associated with cultural aspects of Japan in order to learn them while learning the onomatopoeia.


Director: Dr. Kazumi Matsumoto

Story Boarding: Jack Bowen

Animation/Character Design: Brianna Craveiro

Animation: Foster Eber

Story Writing: Shelby Houseman

iBook/Japanese: Dwayne King

Compositing: Malyssa Latta

Animation/Background: Kait Mahl

iBook Design Lexi Musselman

Japanese Team Lead: Allison Porter

Animation Team Lead: India Potter

Culture Notes: Tiara Pierce

Audio and Documentation: Xinyu Zheng

Web Designer: Min Zheng

Special Thanks:

Mr. Allen Kidd (Muncie Southside High School, Muncie Central High School)

Professor John Ludwick (Assistant Professor of Art at Ball State University)

Professor Brad Condie (Assistant Professor of Art at Ball State University)

Made at:

This onomatopoeia project was funded by a grant from the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry at Ball State University. It was completed through a collaboration between the School of Art and the Modern Languages and Classics Department.