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A note from the Master’s student:

Whether you are a current or potential master’s student, or someone who is looking to take the next steps in their substance abuse journey, I hope this platform, resources and stories find you well.

When I started (what I thought was) my final semester in fall 2021, I was going down a research and thesis-centered track for my final course in the graduate program. Even though I had a solid plan and committee team giving all of their time and attention, I realized that wasn’t the type of work that I do best. I wanted to put my best foot forward and produce something that was going to showcase powerful stories and make a difference for people in the community who may need to read these stories.

By spending months, days and hours interviewing drug offenders, drug treatment specialist, county and legal officials on the drug court program, I was able to shed light on the past traumas, challenges and now triumphs drug offenders have gone through and how they worked to reclaim their lives from drug addiction.

One thing I have taken away from learning about their stories and the mental, judicial and social treatment they received is there are people dealing with substance abuse disorders that don’t get the opportunity to have a second chance to reclaim their life from drug use. Many people are thrown into prison for drug-related charges while suffering from a substance use disorder and do not receive the proper treatment needed to stay off the streets.

Always keep your options open and sources unlimited as you never know where they will take you on deepening the narrative. This is one thing I have learned throughout the course of this project as keeping my options open to new directions and angles for the project has given a sense of purpose and drive to the stories.

It’s people like Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge John Durkin, Amy Klumpp, Karlee Briceland and countless others that put their heart and soul into making sure people with drug use are given every chance possible to be the best versions of themselves. As a journalist and a master’s student, a part of my job is to share stories that go untold and be a voice for people doing good and making a difference in other peoples lives in the community. I hope these are just a few stories of many that have been in the drug court program and have taken advantage of the valuable resources provided to drug criminals longing for a chance at a holistic transformation.

Platforms used that have made this project successful were:

  • WordPress subscription
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Canva Design (header photos and generational drug of choice graph)
  • Otter Voice Meeting Notes and Memos
  • Mahoning Matters