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Conservation Tales Immersive Learning Project


Conservation Tales is an interdisciplinary team of students and faculty who work with a variety of external partners to create children's books about wildlife conservation and authentic science practices. In 2021, our external partners include the Ball State Biology Fisheries Research lab, the BSU Field Station and Environmental Education Center, and the Indianapolis Zoo.

The books produced in Spring 2021 feature Monarch Butterflies and Invasive Carp, and will join 13 previous volumes in the project's catalog. Each book presents two important messages for children - "Everyone can protect wildlife," and "Anyone can be a scientist."

Students on the team include animation and drawing majors, visual communications students, science educators, and photographers. The team shadows and interviews scientists who study a key species, and develops a story about a child who learns about the animals, the scientists, and conservation actions the readers can do at home.

Characters reflect a diverse group of scientists and children, and the books include inquiry learning activities ideal for schools, informal education and home learning.

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Glass Design: Technology & Industry

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A new transdisciplinary immersive learning class that exposed and explored technological advances in the renowned regional glass industry. Students and faculty from the School of Art and the Department of Architecture engaged in material research, interviews and insights from leaders in glass industry, award winning public artists, and local community arts leaders. Students' research led to the development of multiple new ‘Donor Wall’ proposals for Minnetrista Cultural Center as well as rethinking design objects in the era of a pandemic.

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Virtual Play Creation

Students work in groups to write, direct and perform a piece of virtual theatre with the goal to create a set of "best practices" for virtual theatre as a partnership with the Pheonix Theatre.  Students are divided into three groups to pitch three unique Zoom play proposals and develop one selected proposal into a 1-3 minute, 3-6 minute, and finally an 8-20 minute play. Each group will present their full play at the end of the semester in a virtual play showcase put on by the class. Throughout the semester, students complete both self-assessments and peer assessments to measure professionalism, problem-solving, collaboration,  adaptability, and resilience. 

Student Participants:

Shelby Brown, Myra Carleton, Paige Demba, William Freeman, Mason Golden, Anthony Hayes, Sarai Heylmun, Lizzie Nguyen, Mario Noto, Liz Patton, Maggie Perisho, Gayle Radwick, Janae Robinson, Becca Schaefer, Jordan Shaw, Chase Strange, Grace Wagner, Nor White, Arianna Zielinski

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