Rinard Orchid Greenhouse Installation Scale Model


Three 1:1 scale models of proposed installation pieces for the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse on Ball State's campus. One of these pieces will be chosen and assembled spring of 2022. The purpose of the installation is to obscure electrical boxes on the site, pull new visitors into the greenhouse and act as an educational tool for school groups. 

Pieces were created in Micheal Lorsung's, "Fabrication and Production of Public and Commissioned Artwork" course by Ashleigh Totten, Victoria Stout, Jake Nolan, Riley Sheehan and Emelie Wallin. 

Starting in August of this fall semester, our class met with Rinard Orchid Greenhouse staff as well as Ball State's architecture staff to learn of the needs and desires of this installation piece. From there, students created a series of designs that through the course of the semester, and several additional meetings, were narrowed down to three final proposals. Modeled in this showcase are those final three. 

One piece will be chosen and built at scale, approximately seven feet tall and consist of four, six foot wide panels.

As a class, we have found cost estimates of each design, including hardware, materials and fabrication. Fabrication-ready drawings have also been made and will be tweaked before being sent to manufacturers.

Once final pieces are fabricated, students will install the art piece on site at the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse this spring! 

Instructor: Michael Lorsung, School of Art
ART 370