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Better Together: Muncie Reads

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Better Together: Muncie Reads

Dedicated to showcasing the semester projects of Criminal Justice and Criminology Fall 2021 Capstone students 

Instructor: Dr. Kiesha Warren-Gordon, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology 
CJC 495

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CM 230 Immersive Learning Projects

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CM 230 Immersive Learning Projects

“The Yard” for ecoREHAB: The former location of McCarthy Lumber at 723 S. Council in Muncie is being renovated as the new home for ecoREHAB. The project includes office space for ecoREHAB as well as spaces available for other local non-profits. It includes a large training room for classes to prepare their students in their STEP (Skilled Trades Education Program) program.

Duplex at 1723 S. Mulberry, Muncie for Urban Light: An existing house that has been evaluated for a future renovation as a duplex. Downstairs will be a two-bedroom unit and upstairs will be a one-bedroom unit.

In addition to the presentation drawings, the clients each will receive an inventory of what needs to be done, measured drawings and a conceptual estimate.

Instructor: Janet Fick, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design
CM 230

Coalition Building, Resource Development, And Community Mobilization: A Student-Driven Initiative for Increasing Community Capacities to Address Addiction and Substance Misuse in Delaware County and on the Ball State University Campus


The S3

This immersive learning course provided undergraduate Social Work students with an opportunity to develop a sustainable, student-centered addictions coalition and assist with the organization, development, and activities of the Addictions Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC), a strategic community-academic partnership to address substance misuse. 

Instructor: Dr. Dane Minnick, Department of Social Work
SOCW 430

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Computer Science for Muncie (and surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)



Partnering with local schools, the Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+) project team researched, developed, curated, and delivered instructional resources which incorporate Computer Science (CS) into educational offerings, with a focus on the Indiana CS academic standards, and worked to advance teachers’ understanding of CS and/or interacted with their students as a teaching assistant. Although CS student focused, an interdisciplinary project team was sought, with another project focus being to expose underrepresented minorities and females to CS. When Indiana introduced CS into their academic standatrds, CS4MS+ was created to support local teachers in this endeavor. To learn more, please use the links provided to the right to navigate through the exhibit. 


  • Please review the participant page for a list of all BSU students involved with this project over the semesters.

    Community Partners:

    • Northside Middle School, Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
    • Muncie Central High School, Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
    • Burris Laboratory School, Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
    • Daleville Jr./Sr. High School, Daleville, Delaware County, IN.


    • Sciences and Humanities


    "The CS4MS+ project was a great and unique experience for me. I always had a passion to teach others about Computer Science and this was a fun opportunity to do so. It left me feeling that I had actually impacted the future of the students and teachers that we interacted with." ~Participating student

    Instructor: Dave Largent, Department of Computer Science
    CS 341

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    Identity & Connectivity:​ Designing a More Inclusive Nora Community

    LA 403: Urban Design Students Visiting Nora in North Indy


    In this project, we look for the barriers and potential of using Nora’s urban spaces in an inclusive way and recommend future urban design propositions and interventions. 

    5th-Year Ball State University - College of Architecture and Planning Landscape Architecture Students will present their ideas for Nora on Friday, December 10th, 2021 in Nora at the H. Dean Evans Center, 8550 Woodfield Crossing. Students have researched the area, dialogued with residents, and toured the area on foot and by bus. Selected students will share a Master Plan for Nora (1:00 pm), followed by 16 individual projects presented at stations in an open forum (2:00 pm). More information about this event can be found here:

    Instructor: Dr. Dorna Eshrati, Department of Landscape Architecture
    LA 403

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    Junior Producers Club


    Junior Producers Club

    The Junior Producers Club is a successful immersive learning project that started in the fall of 2019. The project promotes inclusion, diversity, independent thinking and a reinforcement through practical application of learned material. The Junior Producers Club is a community outreach woven into a three-credit hour course. In close collaboration with a community partner, Ball State Music Media Production students work with high school and middle school students from a diverse background. The outreach spanned from installing a project studio, computer lab and acoustic treatment, to weekly meetings conducted by student teaching teams. The project was successful in fostering independent thinking, ability to compromise, teamwork, and engaging with culturally diverse students.

    Instructor: Dr. Christoph Thompson, School of Music
    MMP 492

    Making Community Engaged Games (Fall 2021)



    The students in this immersive learning experience were enrolled in CS215: Introduction to Game Design. This course provides a practical introduction to game design using a systems thinking approach, emphasizing the iterative and creative processes used to create engaging games.

    The first half of the semester was spent exploring fundamental theories of game design, including an introduction to educational game design. The students devoted their second half of the semester to iterative development of an original game based on the core stories of Minnetrista. George Buss, Jr, Vice President of Visitor Experience at Minnetrista, made several visits to the class to talk about Minnetrista's role in the community and give students feedback on their design ideas.

    Contained in this showcase are near-final drafts of many students' final projects, all of which are print-and-play games. That means you can download the files, print them up, and try the games for yourself! The authors' contact information should be provided in each packet in case you would like to send them feedback on their designs. Note that the students' projects will be finalized after the deadline for submission to this online showcase, and so the versions submitted to Minnetrista may vary slightly from what is available here.

    The games created by this semester's students will provide the input into next semester's continuation of this immersive project. The Spring team will work with Minnetrista and their faculty mentor to choose the designs most amenable to digital production, and then we will work together to produce an original video game based on these designs.

    Instructor: Dr. Paul Gestwicki, Department of Computer Science
    CS 215

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    Media Education Connection

    Morgan Silhavy Setting Up the Shot


    Media Education Connection for the Fall of 2021 was about collaborating and educating Union City Jr-Sr. high school students in the world of media. We worked with them to create a small series of documentaries for the town of Union City, which will be used to help promote their new multipurpose space, Vision Corner. Our TCOM 487 class, taught by Ben Strack, researched, reached out, and recorded small documentaries about small businesses and organizations in Union City, all while teaching and mentoring younger students of Union City's KISS TV. We focused greatly on the history of the town and the impact its spaces have had on its community. Splitting up into groups, our class took a group of Union City students and taught them about the film equipment and showed them the process of shooting an interview. One day, a small group of them visited Ball State and got to see how we do things on our home-base. Not only was this immersive about teaching and inspiring students and helping them learn, but it was also about strengthening our professionalism skills with clients, learning from one another, and creating a final product meant to bring together a community of people.

    Instructors: Benjamin Strack and Mike Spillman, Department of Media
    TCOM 487

    Muncie Community Energy Assessment with ecoREHAB


    Muncie Community Energy Assessment with ecoREHAB

    Ball State students in the energy assessment project worked with ecoREHAB, a community partner. 50 students in the Interior Design and Construction Management programs learned home energy assessment tools to analyze and evaluate energy consumption in five Muncie residences. Students engaged in a student research-based program, students’ understanding of home energy assessment, and curriculum development. This project help general understanding of building energy and solve a community challenge of home energy consumption.

    Instructor: Dr. Jake Son and Dr. Sherif Attallah, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design
    IDES 114; CM 262

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    Rinard Orchid Greenhouse Installation Scale Model



    Three 1:1 scale models of proposed installation pieces for the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse on Ball State's campus. One of these pieces will be chosen and assembled spring of 2022. The purpose of the installation is to obscure electrical boxes on the site, pull new visitors into the greenhouse and act as an educational tool for school groups. 

    Pieces were created in Micheal Lorsung's, "Fabrication and Production of Public and Commissioned Artwork" course by Ashleigh Totten, Victoria Stout, Jake Nolan, Riley Sheehan and Emelie Wallin. 

    Starting in August of this fall semester, our class met with Rinard Orchid Greenhouse staff as well as Ball State's architecture staff to learn of the needs and desires of this installation piece. From there, students created a series of designs that through the course of the semester, and several additional meetings, were narrowed down to three final proposals. Modeled in this showcase are those final three. 

    One piece will be chosen and built at scale, approximately seven feet tall and consist of four, six foot wide panels.

    As a class, we have found cost estimates of each design, including hardware, materials and fabrication. Fabrication-ready drawings have also been made and will be tweaked before being sent to manufacturers.

    Once final pieces are fabricated, students will install the art piece on site at the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse this spring! 

    Instructor: Michael Lorsung, School of Art
    ART 370

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