Media Education Connection


Media Education Connection for the Fall of 2021 was about collaborating and educating Union City Jr-Sr. high school students in the world of media. We worked with them to create a small series of documentaries for the town of Union City, which will be used to help promote their new multipurpose space, Vision Corner. Our TCOM 487 class, taught by Ben Strack, researched, reached out, and recorded small documentaries about small businesses and organizations in Union City, all while teaching and mentoring younger students of Union City's KISS TV. We focused greatly on the history of the town and the impact its spaces have had on its community. Splitting up into groups, our class took a group of Union City students and taught them about the film equipment and showed them the process of shooting an interview. One day, a small group of them visited Ball State and got to see how we do things on our home-base. Not only was this immersive about teaching and inspiring students and helping them learn, but it was also about strengthening our professionalism skills with clients, learning from one another, and creating a final product meant to bring together a community of people.

Instructors: Benjamin Strack and Mike Spillman, Department of Media
TCOM 487


Ben Strack, Mike Spillman, Jon Goodman, Sara Deboer, Jayana Fennell, Jason Franks, Brenna Haley, Jamie Howell, Erika Koepfer, Jonathan Le, Kaitlyn Magana, Madeline Rambissoon, Morgan Silhavy, David Walcott, Logan Wood