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Sara Loertscher Sarah Loertscher

Born in Indiana's bustling capital, Sarah moved to the serenity of a farm community northwest of Indianapolis at the age of five. Her talents now spring from a creativity that knows no bounds after being honed to a razor's edge in Lizton. Her home in Lizton was surrounded on three sides by cornfields and her only option for a playmate was a little brother running around with a hockey stick for a gun. So, needless to say, she found other ways to entertain herself, such as drawing and throwing corn cobs at her brother. (ed. note: Later he got much bigger and the tables were turned.) Later Sarah excelled at the art institutes of Pittsboro Elementary and Tri West Jr./Sr. High and left to seek higher education. Naturally she turned to Ball State University to study under the great masters. She is now a Metals major, drawn by the leather aprons and romantic notions of the forges, and about to graduate. After "finishing some stuff," Sarah and her college degree will be unleashed on the world. When questioned about her future plans, Sarah thought for a minute and replied, "I'll probably grab dinner about eight."

Sarah was an intregal part of the design team and contributed to the website with her entries of Eunice Beecher, Booth Tarkington and Scott Russell Sanders.