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This is a list of sites that contain information about how you can protect and restore our environment.

Sarah Loertscher working at the LimberlostForests:

American Forests sponsors campaigns such as ReLeaf to plant more trees and protect forests in the U.S.

American Lands Alliance is a coalition of activists and organizations devoted to protecting our forests and restoring ecological integrity to the landscape.

Forest Conservation Council is focused on protecting and restoring native biological diversity of forests and woodlands throughout the U. S.

Global Forest Watch is a world-wide data and mapping network that provides first-hand digital information about the world's forests, in the hopes that forest degradation would be slowed if governments around the world followed the commitments they have made to protect forests.

Native Forest Council's goal is to save every acre of public forestland in the U.S. from resource extraction.

Wildlife :

red-tailed hawkBiogems is project of the National Resources Defense Council that works to save "unique wild places" throughout North, Central, and South America.

The National Resources Defense Council is aimed at protecting our water, air, land, animals, and plants through science, the law, and other resources.

Teaming with Wildlife works to preserve endangered species and their habitats in the United States through funding and legislation.

The National Wildlife Federation protects animals and their habitats by "uniting individuals, organizations, businesses and government." It offers links to educational resources for classrooms, communities, and parents as well.

The Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society educates people about native Indiana flora: how to plant with native species, publications on Indiana plants, and the threat posed by invasive plants.

Frog at Ginn WoodsDefenders of Wildlife focuses on the increased rate of species extinction and on habitat destruction. A children’s section of the website gives facts about endangered species and offers curricula for teachers.

If you should come across an injured wild animal, the Wildlife Care site is a good resource for finding a wildlife rehabilitator or animal clinic in your area. It offers advice on how to keep an animal comfortable until it can be cared for by a professional.


Harvesting grass seed at the LimberlostManomet Center for Conservation Sciences works to preserve natural resources through scientific research and collaboration to create solutions to environmental problems.

Green Fleet Organization specializes in counteracting the current CO2 emissions and promoting fuel-efficient technologies and cleaner fuels.

Green Matters is "the busy person's guide to greener living."

Green Landscaping with Native Plants is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and encourages gardening and landscaping with indigenous plant life.

Environmental Law and Policy Center contains useful and pertinent information about environmental issues affecting the Midwest, specifically from a legal perspective.

Save Our Environment Action Center is "a collaborative effort of the nation's most influential environmental advocacy organizations harnessing the power of the internet to increase public awareness and activism on today's most important environmental issues."

Mercury in Schools informs educators about mercury and how to eliminate it from schools.

Indiana Department of Environmental Management provides a current report on the state of the environment in Indiana, as well as information on ways to improve your local community through recycling and other pollution prevention methods.

Global Resource Action Center for the Environment "works to form new links with the research, policy and grassroots communities to preserve the future of the planet and protect the quality of the environment."

World Resources Institute shares "practical ways to protect the earth and improve people's lives."

American Farmland Trust works to protect farmland and spread environmentally friendly farming practices.

The Sierra Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, and their Take Action Page discusses many important current environmental issues and ways to counteract them.

The Indiana Earth Page lists a large number of sites related to Indiana's environment.