ffc6b053a8b11e593c96e30e35139eea.jpgThis website analyzes and explores Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales by creating adapted texts and accessible tools for modern audiences. Additionally, the creators of this educational website have compiled sources and developed close examinations of each tale for the benefit of more holistic learning. The content explores themes of ageism, sexism, mental illness, physical ailment and religion as presented in the tales. In the spirit of discussing these themes, the creators strived to build this website in a manner ideal for those who may have a disability. We hope we have succeeded in this endeavor but if we have not, please let us know what we can do to improve.

"Contemplative Chaucer" by Taylor Conley

[The above is a three-quarters view painting of Chaucer facing the left. He is caucasian, with a long white beard and short white hair sticking out of a head covering. The head covering is gray and wraps around his head and trails down over his left shoulder. The painting is done in gouache with a light red background.]