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The Miller's Team

Maggie Flowers

I am a senior mathematical economics major. I helped produce the translations, close readings, and annotated bibliographies for the Cook’s Prologue and Tale and the Miller’s Prologue and Tale. I was also involved in the creation and implementation of this website. Through this course and the continued exposure to The Canterbury Tales it provided, I have gained the ability to read and comprehend middle English and I enjoyed studying the tales we focused on in class.

Ariel Meece

I am a fourth-year student in Architecture. I helped produce the translation and close reading for The Cook’s Tale as well as an addition to the annotated bibliography. I also helped to produce the translation, close reading, annotated bibliography, and audio recording for The Miller’s Prologue and Tale. I really enjoyed the focus on diversity as we, as a class, delve into each story. It makes me think about the diverse world we live in and how I can impact the lives of those around me.