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The Pardoner's Team

Brian Peterson

I am a senior accounting major. For The Cook’s Prologue and Tale, I helped work on the translation and close reading. I also annotated one of the sources in the annotated bibliography. For the Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale, I worked on the annotated bibliography, audio recording, and the translation. The wide array of tales within the Canterbury Tales, made reading the different tales interesting in itself.

Hannah Sullivan

I am a senior English major who helped create the translation and close reading for the Cook’s Prologue and Cook’s Tale. I also created the close reading for the Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale in addition to contributing to the recording and editing of the audio recording and the annotated bibliography. I enjoyed the discussions and research about diversity in the Canterbury Tales, especially with the Pardoner’s Tale and Prologue to understand more about the society in which Chaucer lived, while also learning to translate Middle English because it was like learning a new language.