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Promoting Dual Language Immersion

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Advanced Spanish students at BSU (SP305, SP404, SP340) collaborated with elementary schools at two community school districts to promote their dual language immersion (DLI) programs. BSU students explored the state of bilingualism in the U.S. and the benefits of programs such as DLI that enable students to develop proficiency in both Spanish and English, strengthen academic learning and achievement, and cultivate intercultural sensitivity. The final community products include:

1) ten-week virtual reading/mentoring sessions in Spanish for 2nd graders in a DLI program;

2) design and production of promotional materials to inform potential parents about DLI programs and their benefits;

3) translation into Spanish several procedure and policy documents for DLI so that these materials are accessible to Spanish-speaking families. 

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Philosophy Outreach Project

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Philosophy Outreach Project

The Philosophy Outreach Project gets high school students across Indiana thinking.

POP creates alternative spaces for learning in classrooms, clubs, online, and conference settings. By curating philosophical content and fostering philosophical discussion, POP provides high school students with tools and a platform to engage with each other and the world.

POP is run by three teams of Ball State students with a variety of different interests and backgrounds. POP's team includes students studying philosophy, psychology, English, communications, criminal justice, and more. 

This diversity of interests and knowledge allows for an impressive level of collaboration, which is ultimately what makes POP successful in promoting and facilitating pre-college philosophy.

For more information about POP, check out our website.

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Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)

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Partnering with local schools, the Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+) project team researched, developed, curated, and delivered instructional resources which incorporate Computer Science (CS) into educational offerings, with a focus on the Indiana CS academic standards, and worked to advance teachers’ understanding of CS and/or interacted with their students as a teaching assistant. Although CS student focused, an interdisciplinary project team was sought, with another project focus being to expose underrepresented minorities and females to CS. When Indiana introduced CS into their academic standatrds, CS4MS+ was created to support local teachers in this endeavor. To learn more, please click on the "Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)" title above, then use the links provided to the right when the new page appears.


  • Please review the participant page for a list of all BSU students involved with this project over the semesters.

    Community Partners:

    • Northside Middle School, Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
    • Muncie Central High School, Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
    • Burris Laboratory School, Muncie, Delaware County, IN.
    • Daleville Jr./Sr. High School, Daleville, Delaware County, IN.


    • Sciences and Humanities


    "The CS4MS+ project was a great and unique experience for me. I always had a passion to teach others about Computer Science and this was a fun opportunity to do so. It left me feeling that I had actually impacted the future of the students and teachers that we interacted with." ~Participating student

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