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Community Engaged Games


Students in an introductory game design course collaborated with Minnetrista to create original games. These games are based on the themes and mission of Minnetrista. Our main contact at Minnetrista was George Buss, Vice President of Visitor Experience. The faculty mentor was Paul Gestwicki, Professor of Computer Science. Students involved in the project include Jared Bowman, Ethan Crump, Lyle Dotson, Andrew Dudelston, Andrew Everage-Scheible, Ryland Fields, justyn Fox, Victoria Granger, Heather Hackney, Micah Harker, Jeffrey Harmon, Adam Howard, Jadi Miller, Joseph Moon, Weslee Nelson, Tommy Nguyen, Brian Raymond, Kristen Rebuck, Wendall Roberts, Corey Sistrunk, Robin Walma, Kc Weaver, Brooke Wright, and Connor Yeager.

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