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"The Big Idea" Survey with Second Harvest


Sociology Capstone students will be gathering survey and interview data from over 20 school sites to help Second Harvest measure the successes of and identify opportunities for their Big Idea School resource events.

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App Development and Expansion of the Henry Gets Moving Project

Charlie Cardinal parachute- FAll 2022.jpg

In the fall of 2022, we worked with Wes Del Elementary school to expand to a rural community and added the addition of Spanish students referred by Adam Ballart to come to read the Henry Gets Moving book in Spanish after the students read the book in English. This was the first time we were able to do this. Starting in the fall of 2022-spring of 2023, the computer science students and I have been meeting monthly on the development of the Henry Gets website. The students have made a great deal of progress thus far, getting the website started, and working on the administrative side as well so it can be maintained once they graduate. The website includes both exercises and healthy recipes, a games tab, a way to track exercise and more. We have been asked to return to Pleasant View Elementary School in April of 2023. 

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Better Together


Students are working with the community to improve neighborhood engagement.

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Building a Mathematics Community of Practice: An Immersive Collaboration


This immersive learning project breaks from a traditional siloed teacher education approach to establish a more coordinated and collaborative experience for prospective mathematics teachers. Specifically, this project seeks to coordinate MATH 393 (Math Department in CSH) and EDJH 385 (Educational Studies Department in Teachers College) in partnership with Northside Middle School within Muncie Community Schools.

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Cardinal Wellness

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 1.30.06 PM.png

Exercise Science students ran a free, community-based exercise and nutrition program for the community with zumba and health screening.

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Come Together, Act Together and Better Together


Interior Design students learn knowledge of sustainable principles in the classroom. This project introduced building energy assessment tools to analyze and evaluate energy consumption and interior materials as they explore materials and finishes available to interior designers and ways that they can be combined into construction assemblies. By applying this knowledge in the community, students had better opportunities to measure building energy and to apply better interior materials as future interior designers.

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Come Together, Act Together, and Better Together: Step Up Building Energy Efficiency using Sustainable Materials


The mission of Ball State University is to connect Ball State with the Muncie community. The phrase "Better Together" is highly utilized in the curriculum by faculty to have Ball State students actively engage in the Muncie community. With this idea in mind, we created two Immersive Learning projects (1. Muncie Community Energy Assessment with ecoREHAB, 2. Interior Materials and Applications: A Hands-on Project with First Presbyterian Church) that have an immediate impact on the Muncie community and Ball State students.

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Community Engaged Games


Students in an introductory game design course collaborated with Minnetrista to create original games. These games are based on the themes and mission of Minnetrista. Our main contact at Minnetrista was George Buss, Vice President of Visitor Experience. The faculty mentor was Paul Gestwicki, Professor of Computer Science. Students involved in the project include Jared Bowman, Ethan Crump, Lyle Dotson, Andrew Dudelston, Andrew Everage-Scheible, Ryland Fields, justyn Fox, Victoria Granger, Heather Hackney, Micah Harker, Jeffrey Harmon, Adam Howard, Jadi Miller, Joseph Moon, Weslee Nelson, Tommy Nguyen, Brian Raymond, Kristen Rebuck, Wendall Roberts, Corey Sistrunk, Robin Walma, Kc Weaver, Brooke Wright, and Connor Yeager.

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Community-Engaged Games


In Fall 2022, students worked with Minnetrista to explore how interactive games can be created to help with their mission in our community. Each student created an original prototype that was presented to and reviewed by Minnetrista. A multidisciplinary undergraduate production team was recruited for Spring 2023 to turn one of these prototypes into a fully-produced original video game.

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Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)

CS4MS Logo round.png

Partnering with local schools, the Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+) project team researched, developed, curated, and delivered instructional resources which incorporate Computer Science (CS) into educational offerings, with a focus on the Indiana CS academic standards, and worked to advance teachers’ understanding of CS and/or interact with their students as a teaching assistant. Although CS student-focused, an interdisciplinary project team was sought, with another project focus being to expose underrepresented minorities and females to CS. When Indiana introduced CS into their academic standards, CS4MS+ was created to support local teachers in this endeavor.

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Computer Science for Muncie (and surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)

CS4MS Logo round.png

Partnering with local schools, the Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+) project team researched, developed, curated, and delivered instructional resources which incorporate Computer Science (CS) into educational offerings, with a focus on the Indiana CS academic standards, and worked to advance teachers’ understanding of CS and/or interacted with their students as a teaching assistant. Although CS student focused, an interdisciplinary project team was sought, with another project focus being to expose underrepresented minorities and females to CS.

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Conservation Tales

CT Group Photo_Mote Logo.jpg

The Conservation Tales team is developing two books about Corals and Coral Reef Ecosystems, with versions in both English and Spanish. The team is also creating a short documentary video about coral reef restoration.

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Data Analysis for Habitat for Humanity


Students applied lessons learned from the three modules - Finance, Probability and Statistics to create a Budget in Excel for Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity Families to help them discover how they should use their savings from moving from a high rent situation to a lower house payment. Students also created an analysis of data provided by Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity to provide a closer look at their statistics and see any potential gaps or growth areas.

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Hancock County Drug Court Re-accreditation Project


Sociology Capstone students conducted focus groups, interviews, and surveys with court leadership, the support team, and program participants in order to obtain data documenting the courts' success in meeting the 10 Key Components.  This year serves as a baseline and two additional cycles of data will be gathered before the courts' final reaccreditation review in 2025.

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Henry Gets Moving in Delaware County Youth Activity Program Undergraduate Pilot Study

Henry Gets Moving Final Poster MWACSM 2022.pdf

Henry Gets Moving is a project born with the purpose to
reduce childhood obesity. By teaching the importance of
balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle, we can develop
healthier habits at a young age that could potentially last a
lifetime. For 4 years we have gone to several elementary
schools and impacted over 700 students around Delaware
County to pilot this program.

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Heritage Language Maintenance and Recruitment


During fall 2022, SP305 (Spanish Grammar for Heritage Speakers) students and Isabel Vazquez-Rowe (graduate student in Creative Writing), and Diana Martínez (a former SP305 student) partnered with Warsaw Community Schools (WCS) and developed mentoring partnerships with their heritage students of Spanish. Under the direction of Professor Chin-Sook Pak, the group aimed to promote maintenance of Spanish as a heritage language and to support Hispanic youths in their pathway to college

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iMade Muncie


iMade: Muncie Maplewood Mansion Addition Hoyt Avenue Park and Gateway to Muncie

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iMADE Projects in Muncie


iMADE projects are a direct application of a regionaly specific “design-through-production” process deploying digital design and fabrication techniques, enabling students, in concert with established industry partners in the region, to prototype and assemble customized full-scale design solutions in conjunction with community partnerships. Working with donations of time, equipment, and materials from industry partners (Midwest Metals, Ecovantage, the Indiana DNR, and more), students innovated and realized built work for established community partners such as Minnetrista, MadJax, and the City of Muncie. 

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Immersive Village Promenade Proposal Exercise / Shark Tank


Students visit Village Promenade, a residence in which many IU Medical Students are living. Students envision an event for the IU Medical Students living at Village Promenade. Students write a proposal and present their proposal to a panel composed of experts with some knowledge of the Village Promenade property and the needs of the IU Medical Students housed there. The panel decides which event will take place for the IU Medical Students. The event takes place.

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Improved Funding for Troubled Youth

Improved Funding for Troubled Youth.jpg

The Youth Opportunity Center's (YOC) fund accounting system is inefficient, requiring additional funds that should be reallocated for youth services. Thorough research was done to develop a root cause, the technical and operational feasibility, risks analysis, and system requirements. These, along with a Multiple Criterion Decision Analysis (MCDA) chart, were used to determine the optimal solution. The optimal solution is ninety-percent cheaper than the current software in use. It provides a friendly user interface, efficiency within the processes, and ease of paying bills with a direct connection to their bank account. Saving ninety percent of the cost of their accounting system will allow for funds to be used for other programs within the YOC. The programs that will be directly benefited are community-based counseling and evaluation, residential programs, and detention programs. Overall, the optimal solution will benefit the troubled youth and families of Muncie, Indiana.

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Invisible Population: Older Battered Women


The literature suggests that there is a lack of knowledge of the impact of domestic violence on older women among service providers and professionals. Some studies indicate that there is confusion among agencies as to what constitutes elder abuse verses domestic violence in later life. The limited training materials available may mean that practitioners lack the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of older battered women.

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Narrating the 8twelve


We are working with the 8twelve Coalition to produce marketing and communications materials for the coalition as well as its community partners, including the Boys and Girls Club, Rosebud Cafe, Muncie Public Libraries (specifically the Maring-Hunt location), Southview Elementary, and the Ross Community Center.

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New Hope in a Tiny Home Village


In this project, a mix of students from architecture and other programs, such as biology and natural resource management, worked with representatives from the city of Muncie over two semesters to design a tiny home village. 

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No Place Like Home


We use the word "home" in a variety of ways, including the American Dream of being a "homeowner".  This is usually in connection with owning a house.  However, a rental apartment can also be a "home".  Students in PMGT 400 Housing & Society are working with the Multifamily Matters radio show to create a podcast...sharing background information, industry issues, and industry solutions. Their goal is to create a more positive perception of the apartment industry, as a great place to live and a great place to work.

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Philosophy Outreach Project


POP students facilitate a high school philosophy club; visit area schools; create resources for high school students and teachers; maintain a website and social media presence; and host a free, all-day, pre-college philosophy conference. During the grant period, they will continue these projects, work with the newly created advisory board to create a plan for sustainability, and collect data to monitor the project’s impact, such that POP can inform future work in pre-college philosophy nationwide.

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Promoting Harm Reduction Strategies on Campus and in the Community


A group of undergraduate Ball State students in a year-long immersive learning class (HSC 301/302) sought to understand people's attitudes, knowledge, and level of support for harm reduction strategies for substance use disorders in Muncie, Indiana.

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Protecting Medical Information Systems From Failures

Protecting Medical Information Systems From Failures.jpg

In this project, the problem is that users can download applications that could put the company at risk. This is a major issue as there is personal information being worked with at Orchard Software so if there happens to be a failure of medical information systems, it would be catastrophic for Orchard and their partners. We decided to look at this problem and approach it as a people problem, rather than a technical problem. With it being a people problem, we have developed a solution that will help the company fit in best practices and prevent any critical medical information systems from failing that could lead to personal information being leaked. Our solution will help the company and its partners as a whole be safer and protect many people's private information and data.

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Protecting Sensitive Medical Records

Protecting Sensitive Medical Records.jpg

We have been working with Orchard Software in Carmel, IN to help protect sensitive medical records within their company. The company’s problem is they do not need industry standards for protecting sensitive medical data. We are approaching the project by helping implement a new system that will flag, protect and save sensitive data within Orchard Software. We have found that protecting sensitive medical data is important within any business because it not only involves the employees, but clients as well. We have been working closely with them the past two semesters to find the best possible solution for them.

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Saving Lives at the Indianapolis International Airport

Saving Lives at the Indianapolis International Airport.jpg

"Saving Lives at the Indianapolis International Airport" is a project aimed at enhancing the existing emergency notification system at the airport. Our team conducted a root-cause analysis and identified that the current system's limitations are compromising consumer safety. To address this pressing issue, we developed an in-house solution that seamlessly integrates multiple software and hardware components. This solution includes combining the Public Address system with the Flight Information Display System. We are also adding Public Address infrastructure to ensure that all consumers are promptly informed of any emergencies. Our ultimate goal is to leverage technology to save lives, prevent incidents, and create a safer environment for everyone at the airport.

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Sensory Well-Being Hub with Furniture for Children with Autism


This project will create a new sensory hub for children with autism in two public schools. These sensory hubs help students with autism recover from sensory stressors and enables them to return to the classroom. Students enrolled in IDES 320, Furniture Design, will design the hubs and create pieces to improve the physical and behavioral aspects of the classrooms. The Sensory Wellbeing Hub will help students recover from sensory stressors and then return to the daily activities in the classroom, ready to learn.

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Site+Application+Synthesis in Yorktown

Group 1_York Peppermint Patty.pdf

Frederick Law Olmsted, considered the founder of American landscape architecture, made radical arguments for public parks at a time when urban life often experienced great stress on family life and public health. Still today, there is an emphasis on green spaces and other green public infrastructure. The therapeutic benefits of nature on the human experience is well-researched and documented. The increased popularity of urban trails, greenways, public parks, and open spaces is influencing many municipalities to make the creation of public green spaces a required component in community growth. Communities value these types of spaces and use them for recreation, fitness, and rest.  Green, open spaces can help link communities and have the potential to be emblematic of the surrounding community. Green spaces add to the character of a community, allow opportunities for children to play, and people to gather, and provide individuals with a place to find solace. This project will challenge you to select a site where a specific design intervention can help achieve the ambitions of the above.

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Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenge

Exterior 1.jpg

This past year on the project, from summer 2022 to spring 2023, we have been working on the development of the design of The Alley House, a net zero energy, high performance, sustainable, affordable two-family dwelling for the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. Construction began in October 2022 and students have been a part of this process working with sub-contractors, detailing elements like the stair screen and rail details, built-ins, and building all components of the kitchen cabinetry as well as the media wall and work space. Making decisions on everything from the insulation in the wall cavity to the paint color on the cladding has been an intense process, especially as we meet our goals of high performance, sustainability, and affordability

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Spotlight Recovery


In this course, a diverse and interdisciplinary group of students engaged in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a therapeutic arts-based program based on Playback Theatre, designed with and for shelter residents at the Muncie YWCA.

Students gained an understanding of common theories and techniques that undergird art-based therapies, as well as factors associated with chronic or temporary homelessness, while having the opportunity to practice therapeutic skils, such as active listening and empathy.

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Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 9.17.15 AM.png

Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal aims to enrich student learning by providing an opportunity for undergraduate students to have their original, scholarly work reviewed by and published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Stance is produced and edited entirely by undergraduate students, for undergraduate students.

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Stopping the College Dropout Crisis

Stopping the College Dropout Crisis.jpg

The problem is that generation alpha students are not motivated to interact with course content. Our team is looking at using a Canvas extension called Badgr to combat this issue. We are creating implementation and postimplementation plans for the Office of Student Retention at Miller College of Business.

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