Visualizing the Ethnographic Voice of Community Revitalization

Visualizing the Ethnographic Voices of Community Revitalization is an immersive learning opportunity where Ball State University students partner with community residents from the Thomas Park / Avondale neighborhoods to create visual ethnographies. The ethnographies represent the community through the participants' eyes. In this immersive learning opportunity, Ball State University's Ross Immersive Learning Team (JOUR-302 Diversity and Media course) partnered with the Ross Community Center and Muncie Community Residents to create visual ethnographies and engage the community with photography.

Instructor: Dr. Gabriel Tait, School of Journalism and Strategic Communication
JOUR 302


Dr. Gabriel B. Tait, Katie Bilka, Emmanuel Cruz, Madison Goodnight, Sarah Hale, Rhoni Paige, Cierra West, Jacqueline Hanoman, April Poole, Jeannetta Presley, Cindy McCormick, Jeffery Brubaker, and Robbie Mehling (Immersive Learning office)