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ARTS! Muncie After School

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ARTS! Muncie After School 

ARTS! Muncie After-School connects Ball State students with real-world experience through hands-on teaching in an after-school program within the Muncie Community Schools. This experience involves students from the Department of Theatre and Dance at BSU (THEA 434) in collaboration with two elementary schools within the Muncie community: Westview Elementary and Northview Elementary. BSU students prepare and learn about pedagogy through the first 8 weeks of the semester, then through a four-week period of after-school rehearsals with the elementary students, they prepare the students for a final performance where they present what they have been working on to their peers and guardians. ARTS! Muncie provides a much-needed after-school program and gives college students more opportunities to teach dance directly to students under faculty mentorship. Thus, creating knowledgeable and more empathetic teachers. Research, instruction, and reflection are the means by which this program will develop the teachers necessary to help enrich the after-school programs offered in the Muncie community.

BSU Participants 

THEA 434 - Spring 2022 

Victoria Bulick, Lauren Burns, Lexie Carlson, Stephanie Bell, Lisa Meissner, Jillian Barnes, Carmen Gorsuch, Denver Hammons, Liza Heeler, Anna Kruger, Carmia Lowe, Rockie Sharon, Lauren Smith, Tucker Wheatley, Amelia Wilkinson 


Melanie Swihart, Andy Waldron