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Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+)


Partnering with local schools, the Computer Science for Muncie (and Surrounding) Schools (CS4MS+) project team researched, developed, curated, and delivered instructional resources which incorporate Computer Science (CS) into educational offerings, with a focus on the Indiana CS academic standards, and worked to advance teachers’ understanding of CS and/or interacted with their students as a teaching assistant. Although CS student focused, an interdisciplinary project team was sought, with another project focus being to expose underrepresented minorities and females to CS. When Indiana introduced CS into their academic standatrds, CS4MS+ was created to support local teachers in this endeavor. To learn more, please use the links provided to the right to navigate through the exhibit. 

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Stance: An International Undergraduate Journal


Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal aims to enrich student learning by providing an opportunity for undergraduate students to have their original, scholarly work reviewed by and published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Stance is produced and edited entirely by undergraduate students, for undergraduate students. 

For more information about Stance, go to: 

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Muncie Community Energy Assessment with ecoREHAB

IDEC 2022 Conference_페이지_17.jpg

Ball State students in the energy assessment project worked with ecoREHAB, a community partner.  About 50 students used home energy assessment tools to assess, analyze, and evaluate energy utilization in four Muncie residences. Students engaged in a student research-based program, students’ understanding of home energy assessment, and curriculum development. This project helps general understanding of building energy to students and solves a community challenge of home energy consumption under the guidance of Dr. Juntae Jake Son (Assistant Professor of Interior Design) and Dr. Sherif Attalah.

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Conservation Tales books - 2022 Central America series


The Conservation Tales Immersive Learning Project develops books about wildlife conservation for students. The 2022 team is producing books about Macaws and Sloths, including versions in both English and Spanish.

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Sustainability Stories: Media and Mapping to Promote Awareness of Sustainable Activities

Cope Environmental Center Deckard Pic 3.jpg

This immersive learning project creates a website featuring an interactive map that details and promotes organizations operating sustainably in Indiana. Journalism students produced original media content highlighting various organizations during fall 2021, and Geography students incorporated the media content into a publicly available online map during spring 2022.

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A Community Intervention: Interprofessional Experiences Addressing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity at Cardinal Wellness (Spring 2022)


Health Science 302 and 494 are courses that include junior and senior majors completing their final semester of coursework before beginning their internships. The courses seek to highlight the skills necessary to delivery health education programs in a variety of settings, where micro-level (interpersonal interactions) and macro-level (organizational and mass-media) applications are emphasized. Many of the course objectives are achieved in the context of a semester-long group project, where each student group is asked to identify a health problem and develop a social marketing-driven health campaign for community members taking part in exercise classes at the Cardinal Wellness program at Harvest Christian Church in Muncie's Whitely community. Students in the spring section of HSC 302 (Program Planning II – 10 students total) were asked to implement the social marketing programs designed by the 494 students in the fall semester, as part of the next integration of the Immersive Learning grant. Social media content was published on the program’s Facebook page and print materials were distributed on site at Cardinal Wellness by students in the course during brief educational sessions. Topics ranged from exercising at home to managing stress as a caregiver and prevention of kidney disease.

Faculty: Drs. Christina Jones, Shannon Powers, and Jean Charles Lebeau 

Community Partner: Harvest Christian Church, Cardinal Wellness, Whitely Community Council 

Students: Cede Paul, Courtney Herrington, Sierra Dean, Andrew Hartley, Cora Vercellotti, Clara Haywood, Haley Broadnax, Janielle Jones, Kenzi McCormick, Erin Wright

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U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenge Spring 2022

01_F21 Team Group Photo.jpg

Located in Muncie, Indiana, Ball State prides itself on being a student-centered, community- engaged, and sustainability focused public research university. Ball State transforms entrepreneurial learners into impactful leaders committed to improving the quality of life for all. Ball State’s innovative commitment to sustainability has fueled the creation of the nation’s largest ground source, closed-loop district heating/cooling system, benefiting the University financially and the environment positively. As the campus continues to expand, all new construction is required to be LEED certified. Each year, Ball State initiates a diverse range of immersive learning projects that engage students with organizational partners and residents throughout the local community. This is an Echibit celebrating the hard work that students, faculty, industry partners, and volenteers have put into this competition. Help us celebrate the Office Building Design team, Education Building Design team and Build Challenge team!

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Philosophy Outreach Project


The Philosophy Outreach Project gets high school students across Indiana thinking.

POP creates alternative spaces for learning in classrooms, clubs, online, and conference settings. By curating philosophical content and fostering philosophical discussion, POP provides high school students with tools and a platform to engage with each other and the world.

POP is run by four teams of Ball State students with a variety of different interests and backgrounds. POP's team includes students studying philosophy, psychology, French, Spanish, religious studies, criminal justice, and more. 

This diversity of interests and knowledge allows for an impressive level of collaboration, which is ultimately what makes POP successful in promoting and facilitating pre-college philosophy.

For more information about POP, check out our website.

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Improving Native Habitat for Monarchs and Other Pollinators


     This Landscape Architecture class collaborated with Muncie Public Library staff from the Maring-Hunt library to research, design, and install a monarch waystation and develop educational materials for the library to use with their youth programs.

Landscape Architecture Class 342/598, Spring 2022:

Adam Langhans, Kathy Unland, Zoe Conrad, Stephanie Gates, Lauren Green, Emma Hawkins, Travis Johnson, Emilee Lemmer, Drayson Nespo, Saben Nusbaum, Keller Oeth, Caitlin Osburn, Molly Page, Zhuling Page, Bailey Rice, Caeley Taylor, and Claire Thurlow. Instructed by Susan Tomizawa

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Building Better Neighborhoods Design


The City of Muncie has diverse communities with friendly people, an interesting past, and outstanding cultural amenities that make it a desired place to live, do business, and visit. Until Spring 2019, a lot of the neighborhoods in Muncie were lacking proper visual identification. A strong visual identity was needed to elevate the image of the neighborhood as well as provide a sense of pride among the residents.

In partnership with Building Better Neighborhoods and Muncie Action Plan, we worked with a core group of committee members from various Muncie Neighborhoods to develop their visual identity.

Check out the other neighborhood identities at the Studio 165+ website:

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First Impressions for Second Harvest: Landscape Masterplan Immersive Learning Class


In the Spring of 2022, Landscape Architecture's Park and Open Space Design Studio tackled 3 different immersive learning projects simultaneously: The Vernon Township/Fortville’s Community Garden, Indianapolis’s Wend Skate/Art Park, and Muncie’s Second Harvest Food Bank’ Community Plaza under the guidance of professors Chris Baas and Jeremy Merrill

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Mapping the History and Memory FOR and WITH the Whitely Community in Muncie


The Whitely Community is a traditionally African American neighborhood in Muncie that, from a historical point of view, has not been “on the map”, both literally and metaphorically. The aim of this interdisciplinary immersive learning project is to produce paper and virtual maps together with the neighborhood association and the broader community to tell personal histories of Whitely in time and space. Special emphasis is given to so-called story maps that combine individual accounts, memories of place, images and videos and allow map users to navigate through the past and present of the neighborhood.

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Digitizing Muncie: One Tech-Startup at a Time

Volunteer Base - Pitch Deck.pdf

Have you ever wanted to learn about how to form your own software startup company? What are those terminology around like series a, series b, etc? How can you find someone to invest in your idea? What is freemium, subscription-based, usage-based models to price your software? Then this class is for you: Digitizing Muncie is a new immersive learning course that is currently being offered in Spring’22.

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Religion and American Identity: Literary Explorations


Students in this course explored the potential of stories to enable connections among readers from diverse backgrounds and considers how such literary points of contact can expand outward. Students read contemporary American fiction that treats of the lived experience of characters belonging to different religious groups. We visited local religious centers and interacted with participants in Maring-Hunt Public Library book clubs. Students developed reading guides to empower people to facilitate difficult conversations in their own communities about religious diversity.

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Village Promenade Shark Tank Proposal Exercise


The immersive aspect of this semester’s class is to look at the Village Promenade Learning Lab and create an event that can use the space there for the benefit of those who are now living on the premises. This is a proposal to a real client and the winning event is intended to be run, if the COVID situation permits. Satisfy the client’s needs by supplying a roadmap to success, incorporating events into the mix.

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Understanding and Repurposing Land in Muncie


In the spring 2022 semester, the Urban Planning 498 class worked with the Muncie Land Bank to find appropriate properties for the land bank to acquire. The mission of the Muncie Land Bank, Inc., is to acquire abandoned and blighted property, preserve it, and provide it to the public for strategic redevelopment. 

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Interior Materials and Applications: A Hands-on Project with First Presbyterian Church


This project introduces freshmen to interior materials and applications as they explore materials and finishes available to the interior designers, their inherent characteristics and maintenance, and ways they can be combined into construction assemblies. Students, using hands-on techniques, will gain an understanding of current materials and construction practices, and explore innovation in material application with guidance from guest consultants. The project addresses the production of specifications and schedules, cost analysis, project management, and applicable building codes.

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ARTS! Muncie After School

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 10.27.29 AM.png

ARTS! Muncie After-School connects Ball State students with real-world experience through hands-on teaching in an after-school program within the Muncie Community Schools. This experience involves students from the Department of Theatre and Dance at BSU (THEA 434) in collaboration with two elementary schools within the Muncie community: Westview Elementary and Northview Elementary. BSU students prepare and learn about pedagogy through the first 8 weeks of the semester, then through a four-week period of after-school rehearsals with the elementary students, they prepare the students for a final performance where they present what they have been working on to their peers and guardians. ARTS! Muncie provides a much-needed after-school program and gives college students more opportunities to teach dance directly to students under faculty mentorship. Thus, creating knowledgeable and more empathetic teachers. Research, instruction, and reflection are the means by which this program will develop the teachers necessary to help enrich the after-school programs offered in the Muncie community.

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Visualizing the Ethnographic Voices of Community Revitalization Spring 2022


Visualizing the Ethnographic Voices of Community Revitalization is a two-semester immersive learning class, where Ball State University's Ross Immersive Learning Team (NEWS 397) partnered with the Ross Community Center and Muncie community residents. The community residents were tasked with creating visual ethnographies and engaging the community with photography. Ross Immersive worked during the Spring semester to highlight various cultures and traditions present in Muncie through the use of modern media. ​

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