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Digitizing Muncie: One Tech-Startup at a Time


Have you ever wanted to learn about how to form your own software startup company? What are those terminology around like series a, series b, etc? How can you find someone to invest in your idea? What are freemium, subscription-based, usage-based models to price your software? Then this class is for you: Digitizing Muncie is a new immersive learning course that was offered in Spring’22.

In this course, students visioned and created executive summaries and pitch decks for eight different startups and learned to:

  • Generate ideas based on observations of everyday problems,
  • Validate the idea on a group of users,
  • Produce a feasible custom software in the fastest way possible,
  • Convert a software into a tech business,
  • Found a company from scratch and run it along the way,
  • Acquire the first 50-100 users,
  • Identify investment opportunities for a newly founded company

Faculty Mentors: Huseyin Ergin, Department of Computer Science & Krystal Geyer, Entrepreneurship Center

Students of the class: Anna Call, Ava Wettrick, Brandi Osthimer, Cameron Slash, Carson Nickels, Cassidy Thomas, Colin Ferguson, David Tao, Desiree Hurley, Emma Jones, Hannah Long, Hayden Emrah, Hunter Wallace, Isaac Carcare, Jacob Bishop, Jacob Rosner, Jaigen Glaze, Janardhen Jayavel, Jaren Provost, John Xiao, Josh Birnbaum, Joshua Neumann, Kameron Kocinski, Kamryn Ward, Lloyd Rowe, Madeline McMains, Mariah Marshall, Nick Craft, Nick Frederick, Payton Lowry, Reed O'Neil, Ross Effinger, Sam Buck, Spencer Naugler, Travis Hensley, Will Pancake