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Kristen Saile Kristen Saile

Kristen Saile is a senior Natural Resources and Environmental Management major, concentrating in Environmental Interpretation, with a minor in biology. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but has conceded to the Hoosier life temporarily. She aspires to journey out west and become a ranger-naturalist as soon as she can. She already experienced the ranger way of life last summer at Grand Teton National Park, which is nearly paradise as far as she is concerned. Her absolute favorite hobby is horseback riding. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and hanging out with her roommates, classmates, family, and pet frog.

Kristen became involved in this seminar for a chance to educate web users about Indiana's environment. She wrote articles on William H. Gass, Haven Kimmel, and Gene Stratton-Porter's nonfiction. As part of the research team, she wrote several of the environmental issues articles, including global warming, endangered species, and wetland destruction. She was also a source of environmental information for some of her classmates. Her major project this semester was developing interpretive signage for the Limberlost.