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Alyssa Shoults, Abbey Jessup | Conservation Tales


Conservation Tales is an immersive learning course that combines research and art to create a children's book series about conservation actions. The books are created by the students, with a combination of digital and traditional art, photography, writing, and graphic design. This project teaches skills of transforming the acquired scientific research into something simple and accessible that young readers can understand.

Faculty Mentor: Barbara Giorgio-Booher

School of Art


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Jessica (Shelby) Harrison, Julie Steele, Andrea Mohler, Ben Jett, June Cooper | Designing and Publicizing The Digital Literature Review

Explaining the process of designing, formatting and publicising the academic journal, The Digital Literature Review. Also known as the DLR, we as a student run journal edited and produced the journal with the theme of “Food Matters in Literature and Culture”. Through a process of teamwork and dedication the journal was advertised to the public through Instagram and Twitter. However, we will be discussing the whys and whats of the choices we made while creating the online journal. While also discussing the real-world experience that an immersive learning course, such as this one can impact the future of the students. What experiences we developed and how we can bring them into our future careers and how other students can benefit in joining these immersive learning courses available through Ball State University.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Emily Ruth Rutter

English Department


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