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Jared Scheurich, Phil Belpasso, Corby Mertens, Conner Somers, Dakota Hand, Jamie Gonzales | Navigating Through the Post-COVID Airport


Like every transportation company around the world, the Indianapolis International Airport is trying to mitigate the difficulties that COVID brings. Specifically, the airport is trying to improve their wayfinding and COVID policy communication for their guests. The current signage has proved to be cluttered and guests are still unsure about where to go at times. Guests have expressed that they are not necessarily worried about the airport being sanitary but more about other guests spreading COVID. This team of consultants is helping the Indianapolis International Airport solve their problem with insufficient wayfinding techniques as well as providing an effective way to communicate new COVID policies to their guests. The System Development Lifecycle was followed, using the Phase-Gate technique. This process included working with the airport and developing multiple documents and charts to help formulate the optimal solution. These documents include a Root Cause Analysis Diagram, Business Process Models (As-Is and To-Be), and full feasibility analysis. The team meets with the airport monthly to discuss about information that could be helpful to the decision-making process. A multiple-criteria decision analysis is used to decide which alternative would be best for the airport by comparing weighted scores for each possible solution. Once the optimal solution is selected, the implementation process will begin. A complete implementation plan will be developed including conversion training, maintenance, and post-implementation review.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fred Kitchens

Information Systems and Operations Management


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