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Kelsey Park | Aurora Hotel, A Boutique Hotel

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Project Abstract:

I am designing a boutique hotel, called the Aurora Hotel, located in San Antonio, Texas.

The scope of my project includes designing the public spaces occupied by guests and hotel staff on the first floor of the hotel. The goal of my project is to design a hotel that is visually beautiful while emphasizing a safe and functional space aimed to adapt with the ever-changing future. 

Designing for function is what makes the beauty within a space appear so flawless and intentional. The Aurora Hotel is meant to be designed with the intention to make all guests feel comfortable and safe, especially during times like today. 

Taking COVID considerations and applying them to the design strategy allows this hotel to conquer concerns before they even become an issue. There is a new normal to social ad public spaces today, and integrating those standards into a design will make them not appear so last-minute. Designing for the safety and inclusivity of all people is so important, and that is why I am designing for the ever-changing future.

Faculty Mentor: Sarah Alfaro

Construction Management and Interior Design


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