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Alex Detrich, Emily Seward, Madison Small, Kayla Ramsey, McKinzie Thurman, Colette Delawalla | Exploring Impulsivity, Negative Urgency, and Cannabis Use in College Students

Impulsivity is a multidimensional personality trait that captures non-planful, sensation-seeking, emotionally driven rash action (Whiteside & Lynam, 2001). Research assessing the relationship between impulsivity and substance use is plentiful and interdisciplinary, including investigation into brain patterns, biological differences between the sexes, and internal and external stimuli. However, different substances are associated with different dimensions of impulsivity, for example, excessive alcohol use is associated with excitement seeking (Gunn et al. 2013).

Negative urgency, or the tendency to act rashly under extreme negative emotions, is associated with substance use, internalizing problems, and other negative health related outcomes (Bardo, Weiss, and Rebec, 2018). The current study will use archival data to determine if a relationship exists between impulsivity and cannabis use and negative urgency and cannabis use, using the UPPS-P measure of impulsivity and the Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test (CUDIT) to quantify cannabis use. The goal of this study is to understand the association of impulsivity and negative urgency with different levels of cannabis use. We expect that both impulsivity, broadly and negative urgency, as measured by the UPPS-P will be positively correlated with scores on the CUDIT (i.e., cannabis use).

Faculty Mentor: Tayla Lee

Psychological Science


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