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Daniel Bullman | The Impact of Trauma on Formerly Incarcerated Persons' Use of Webs of Support


According to the FBI, an estimated 73.5 million people in the USA have a felony arrest records. Conflict with the justice system and the presence of a criminal history creates barriers for individuals seeking higher education, employment, housing, known as collateral consequences. Despite trauma and obstacles, a segment of the affected population has shown a significant positive progress and individual prosperity post conviction or incarceration. Evidence indicates that webs of support can benefit outcomes of individuals as well as organizations. However, little is known about whether this particular population has access to or utilized support networks in achieving their goals. This paper reports the results of qualitative interviews with 4 adults with varying levels of conflict with the criminal justice system and compares findings with current work exploring the impact of trauma on individually perceived success.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jane Ellery

Deptartment of Special Education


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