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Anya Eicher | Examining the effects of demographic and athletic variables on the retention of international student-athletes

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The purpose of this study is to examine athletic and demographic variables to determine if any of these variables can predict the retention of international student-athletes. Retention is defined as the continuous enrolment in a college or university until graduation, typically in around four years. Eight independent variables will be used to evaluate retention among NCAA Division I international student-athletes; gender, location of home country (by continent), English proficiency, sport, sport type (individual or team), scholarship type (headcount or equivalency), coaching change, and average conference winning percentage. Correlation matrices and multiple linear regressions will be used to determine (1) if there is a correlation between the variables, and (2) if any of the variables can predict retention of international student-athletes. Ultimately, the results will have the potential to help college athletic personnel create best practices for developing and retaining international student-athletes.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Johnson

School of Kinesiology


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