The Honeybee Hive provides information about the life of the honeybee.  Included are models of the three types of bees in the hive. These models are located in the center of the exhibit.  These models have voice recordings that allow the bees to “talk” about themselves.  The three walls of the hive provide important information about honeybees.  The first wall is “Bee Biology.”  This wall details the life cycle of each honeybee in the hive until the time he or she reaches adulthood.  It also has a large image of the honeybee with key body parts labeled.  The center wall of the hive focuses on the job stages of the worker bee.  The seven stages are explained through cartoon drawings and intriguing titles or questions.  Information is provided to enable viewers to understand the large variety of jobs a worker bee must complete in her short lifetime.  The third and final wall of the hive explains the most important things that happen in the hive throughout the four seasons of the year.
The Honeybee Hive
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