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Pastor Andre Mitchell leads church and community

By Arianna Sergio

Deliverance Temple, nestled in the heart of the Industry neighborhood, is the cornerstone of the community and at the helm is Pastor Andre Mitchell, a youthful, charismatic, dressed-to-the-nines passionate preacher.

The church was passed on by his father as a gift for his 35th birthday.

Mitchell has filled the church with the technology of the 21st century that includes big screens, projectors and computers. He’s connecting with community at every turn including Apple podcasts, Instagram, Twitter and a YouTube channel. During the pandemic, the church provided flu vaccinations and food giveaways.

“I told my staff I wanted to build a state-of-the-art ministry in the hood, so to speak,” said Mitchell, who also works third shift at General Motors in Marion. Mitchell says all the technology was done “strategically and on-purpose.”

“I think I’m most proud that we’re on the path to creating that type of space, that when people from the community come in, they feel proud of it,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell got a taste of church life as the youth pastor at Deliverance Temple until January 2011. By the following summer, Bishop Henry Royce Mitchell, turned the church over to his son. Mitchell still seeks his advice on major decisions.

“One of the most challenging parts about being a pastor is that you’re human,” Mitchell said. “People see your title and they assume that means perfection. You have to kind of lower people’s expectations, but then you also have to try to live up to everything you’re preaching, which is always a juggling act.”

At Deliverance Temple, freshly painted purple and yellow walls are paired with purple carpets and chairs to compliment the area, reflecting Mitchell’s flair for the detail.

“Our motto is LOVE, which means ‘Living Our Vision Everyday.’ We try to create an atmosphere that, even though it’s a religious space, feels less religious. We want people to feel love. We don’t want people to feel judged. We want them not to be afraid. We want people to always feel loved. We try to keep it light-hearted. Even though it’s a church, we try not to be super churchy,” Mitchell said.

Deliverance Temple welcomes everyone and for Mitchell, that’s a source of pride.

“We’re not an exclusive space and we’re not an intimidating space. You should just feel like you’re loved. You should feel comfortable,” he said.

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Featured Image: Provided by Andre Mitchell

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