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Dual Language Immersion at Warsaw Community Schools

DLI & Warsaw Community Schools

In Spring 2021, students in Dr. Chin-Sook Pak's SP340 (Survey in Spanish Linguistics) course had the privilege of working with Warsaw Community School's Dual Language Immersion Program. Throughout the semester, students had the opportunity to talk with DLI teachers and administrators, as well as to visit (virtually) a classroom and watch as young students learned various subjects in Spanish. Using this experience, students created a promotional brochure that embodied what the Dual Language Immersion Program is and how impactful biligual education can be on young students. 

"Personally, it was brillant to see how easy the students were able to listen and comprehend in either language (English & Spanish). I knew I wanted to be a part of creating this brochure, because not only is it a phenomenal experience and a great way for young students to get ahead academically, but it also hits close to home. 

Growing up, it was hard to maintain my heritage language as I was put into programs that pushed English and diminished the value of my native tongue. Dual Language Immersion is impressive because it accepts and celebrates culture and the power of bilingualism.

Seeing biligualism gain importance in primary education is incredibly validating and gives students of all different kinds of backgrounds hope that the future is biling├╝ismo/multiling├╝ismo."

- Amanda Huynh, Spanish & Telecommuncations Major, Student in SP340 Spring 2021

Dual Language Immersion at Warsaw Community Schools