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Introduction - The Best Gift for a Child's Education

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DLI students at West View Elementary School

Introduction - The Best Gift for a Child's Education

Advanced Spanish students at BSU (SP305, SP404, SP340) collaborated with elementary schools at two community school districts to promote their dual language immersion (DLI) programs. BSU students explored the state of bilingualism in the U.S. and the benefits of programs such as DLI that enable students to develop proficiency in both Spanish and English, strengthen academic learning and achievement, and cultivate intercultural sensitivity. The final community products include:

1) ten-week virtual reading/mentoring sessions in Spanish for 2nd graders in a DLI program;

2) design and production of promotional materials to inform potential parents about DLI programs and their benefits;

3) translation into Spanish several procedure and policy documents for DLI so that these materials are accessible to Spanish-speaking families. 

Some facts to consider:

*According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 20 percent of US population is considered bilingual/multilingual while over half of the world population is bilingual

BSU Student Participants:

SP305 (Advanced Grammar for Heritage Speakers) Fall 2020

Jenni Cruz, Edgar de Santiago, Karina de Santiago, Rosa Gonzalez, Stephanie Gutierrez, Hannah Hyde, Denise Jacquez, Lauren Lara, Diana Martinez, Daisy Mendoza, Alina Murrugarra, Ashley Navarro Rodriguez, Blanca Ortiz, Yatzari Perez-Muñoz, María Sanchez Cisneros & Isabelle Wright

SP404 (Seminar in Language - Bilingualism in the Hispanic World) Fall 2020

Rachel Armstrong, Bethany Elmore, Bailey Fields, Joely Gause, Rebekah Hoffer, Denise Jacquez, Jordan Kasuboski, Cecilia Lambertson, Alexandra Martin, Justin Persinger, Maddie Ramsell, Elizabeth Rieth, Abigail Shaw, Grant Sturgis, Darla Thomas, Peyton Thompson, & Jerome Zirnheld

SP340 (Survey in Hispanic Linguistics) Spring 2021

Dani Allen, Rachel Armstrong, Madeline Backs, Jazmin Castillo-Soto, Bethany Elmore, Rebekah Hoffer, Amanda Huynh, Denise Jacquez, Jacob Newlin, Elizabeth Rieth, María Sanchez Cisneros, Darla Thomas, Peyton Thompson, Carl Torrence, Amy Wyse & Jerome Zirnheld