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Peace, Love and Dance Performance

Artistic Statement

Peace, Love, and Dance is a dance on film work influenced by self-described Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet - Audre Lorde and her writings on creatively using our differences to bring change. The work explores her idea of there not being a hierarchy of oppression and asks the question of "How do we find equity, justice, and liberation on race and gender issues that have been plaguing our world for centuries?" Through research and collaboration, Peace, Love, and Dance explores the possibilities to the posed question through acknowledgment of the past, understanding the depth of one's identity, and more. This work is an ongoing conversation and process. - Indya Childs

Indya Childs: Choreographer


Indya Childs is from Atlanta, Ga and received her BA in dance from Kennesaw State University. Before the pandemic, Indya was living in New York and dancing with Abby Z and The New Utility. She is currently the director of the Peace, Love, and Dance Project organization which officially launched in September 2020.

Joshua Cleveland: Filmmaker 


"I am a storyteller and filmmaker whose creative voice centers on exploring and making space for discussion around marginalized and oppressed voices, topics of faith, blackness, God, and the complexities of humanity and the soul. I hope to produce sincere and meaningful stories that question and critique social and political constructs that formulate our perceptions of reality and identity. I desire to introduce visuals and images that are also in conversation with these themes and introduce aesthetics that challenge viewers to formulate moments of introspection and self-evaluation. I am on my own journey to develop innovative and honest ways to tell stories of the heart and create worlds that allow the unheard to occupy spaces of structural and social power and to find agency in places that weren’t previously accessible." - Joshua Cleveland