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Emma Hawkins Working Through The Inventory Stage

Improving Native Habitat for Monarchs and Other Pollinators  

 This course focuses on the native plant communities of prairies, wetlands, and woodlands and the dependence these communities have on pollinators. This class collaborated with Muncie Public Library staff from the Maring-Hunt library to research, design, and install a monarch waystation and develop educational materials for the library to use with their youth programs. 

Landscape Architecture Class 342/598, Spring 2022:

Adam Langhans, Kathy Unland, Zoe Conrad, Stephanie Gates, Lauren Green, Emma Hawkins, Travis Johnson, Emilee Lemmer, Drayson Nespo, Saben Nusbaum, Keller Oeth, Caitlin Osburn, Molly Page, Zhuling Page, Bailey Rice, Caeley Taylor, and Claire Thurlow. Instructed by Susan Tomizawa

Some of the goals our class came up with for this project included:

  • To design and install a monarch waystation at the library
  • To design pollinator gardens for future installation
  • To gather community feedback to inform our designs
  • To help community residents who may want to create their own monarch or pollinator gardens
  • To develop educational materials for children who attend Maring-Hunt programs

Design Plan Option