Resources for Teachers

The following lesson plans are intended to give educators freedom in the way they choose to utilize the Town On Fire exhibits, while also providing them with structured support, instructional materials, and useful resources. Although the lessons do build on each other, they can also be used individually. Throughout these lesson plans there are suggested opportunities for differentiation, guided focuses, and multiple methods of instruction to accommodate diverse teaching styles and classrooms. Additionally, at the end of each plan there are optional extension activities to deepen student engagement with various historical themes.

If you have any questions about how to use the materials in this exhibit in the classroom, contact Jennifer DeSilva (

In this lesson students investigate how nineteenth and early twentieth-century migration and urban growth affected women in different ways and how historians use context to understand the impact of national and regional trends on individual lives.

In this lesson students use a variety of primary sources to understand the diverse experiences of women and consider how their identities are made up of many parts that influence their opportunities in work and life.

In this lesson students investigate how Migration, Industrialization, and the Temperance and Suffrage Movements impacted women in Muncie and how historians support arguments about the past with evidence.

Resources for Teachers