Kevin Mattingly, Gavin Bowen, Josh Petro, Cully Upperman, Lauren Warman | Improving the Pre-Airport Experience During COVID-19

Due to a significant reduction in travel caused by the COVID-19 outbreak airports in the United States have seen a substantial decrease in profits and a drastic change in the way customers approach air travel. This project determines the root cause of the symptoms the Indianapolis International Airport is experiencing and implements a system that will improve the airport’s pre-arrival experience. This project used the Waterfall Method to Implement the System Development Lifecycle in order to analyze the current process of the pre-airport experience at the Indianapolis International Airport. A Root Cause Diagram of all symptoms the airport was experiencing was used to find the root cause of these symptoms. The results found that the public’s newfound concern about personal health is causing an underutilization of parking services at the airport. A Supplemental Industry Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, As-Is System Processing Model were developed to find areas of improvement for the pre-airport experience. Success criteria and system requirements were set to ensure solutions fit the Indianapolis International Airport’s standards. The results of the project found that a customer experience overhaul including a call guide for phone operators, a new phone line specifically for customer's questions, search engine optimization, and new signs throughout parking structures will make parking at the Indianapolis International Airport more appealing to customers rather than parking at a competitor as leisure travel begins to increase. 

Faculty Mentor: Fred Kitchens

Computer Information Systems