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Student Symposium 2021

Evaluation of Alternatives Phase

Alternative Solutions

The 6 alternatives listed below have passed the Information System Requirement and have adhered to the Success Criteria. A summary of each alternative is provided to help illustrate the impact of implementing each solution. 

  1. Customer Experience Overhaul: This solution includes optimizing search engine results, creating clearer signage throughout parking lots, adding an additional customer service phone line, and introducing a new customer survey.
  2. Ad Campaign: This solution includes running advertisement campaigns across various social media platforms focusing on specific new procedures, including enhanced cleaning, COVID-19 specific protocol, personal protective equipment (PPE), and COVID-19 testing availability.
  3. Parking Price Restructure: This solution includes restructuring parking prices to better reflect customer expectations and to appeal to price-sensitive travelers.
  4. Infrastructure Improvements: This solution includes rotating shutting down parking lots, take on maintenance projects and look for any inefficiencies that may lower customer retention rates. These projects would include patching parking lots, maintenance projects on shuttle stations, overdue shuttle maintenance, and increased marketing to the public.
  5. Parking Lot Sustainability: This solution includes incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), to reduce the carbon footprint of their parking structures. Employing these standards can reduce operating costs, increase the value of buildings, allow for tax incentives and utility rebates, enhance marketability for lease or sale, decrease pollution, waste, and material usage, and decrease energy and water depletion.
  6. Do Nothing: This alternative solution makes no changes to the Indianapolis International Airport’s current operations.

Optimal Solution

The optimal solution that was selected is the Customer Experience Overhaul due to its high ranking in safety, customer perception, process disruption, up-front cost, and maintenance and operational cost. 

Evaluation of Alternatives Phase