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Student Symposium 2021

Planning Phase

Problem Statement

The problem is the public’s newfound concern about personal health is causing an underutilization of parking services at the airport. Parking Services is not only the first point-of-contact for the airport, but it is more importantly the main source of revenue. The profitability of airport parking is vital to the airport's future, post-COVID-19 success. An increase in foot traffic within the terminals will contribute greatly to the overall profitability of the airport. When the customer decides on a means of transportation, they are faced with a variety of concerns. The airport must accurately address these concerns to maintain profitability. The rising fear of jeopardizing personal health through travel has caused a decline in traveler confidence. These fears not only highlight the airport’s ability or inability to keep travelers safe, but they spotlight the traveler’s confidence in the effectiveness of the airport’s safety precautions. 

Scope Statement

With the spread of COVID-19, Indianapolis Airport Authority has undertaken many steps to mitigate this threat for customers using the facility during a period of a dramatic decline in operations. The primary goal of the project is to provide a deliverable outlining recommended process improvement. These improvements will address the many issues posed by COVID 19. The provided recommendations for addressing these issues will focus on better positioning the client for increased enplanement levels. Specifically focused on the pre-airport experience of the customer. The specific details provided to the client will be in terms of quality, time, and cost.

Feasibility Analysis

A specific set of clearly defined rules and constraints will be followed. Adhering to these rules and constraints guarantees the accuracy of the final solutions. Identifying these constraints will help improve and simplify the decision-making process by providing detailed guidelines for viable solutions.

Technical Analysis

The feasibility of any technical constraint must follow these general rules before being considered for this project.  

  • The solution must not employ hardware or software that causes excess conflict or is not compatible with the client’s current hardware/software package. 
  • The solution must not be in development or beta-testing. 
  • The solution must not have associated risks that are not manageable. 
  • The solution must not contain a product or service that is not scalable to the client’s needs. 
  • The solution must not include a product or service that cannot measure metrics or performance indicators. 
Planning Phase