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Student Symposium 2021

Implementation Plan

Conversion Plan

When converting from the airport’s previous system to the proposed system Direct conversion will be used when implementing the solution, switching over to the new system completely. Because the Indianapolis International Airport only has one location the parking simultaneous conversion will be used during implementation. The modular conversion style will be used when implementing each aspect of the solution, with each individual element will be fully implemented before moving on to the next.


Training materials and videos will be provided for the client to use and ensure proper implementation. Team members will be required to learn how to properly interact with customers and become expert problem solvers. The client will be able to ensure proper training and efficiency because most training will be conducted in an evenly distributed cyclical schedule. In-person classes will also be conducted for the client to receive real-time feedback. The airport will be partnering with LinkedIn to use its online training presence to train current employees.. After the completion of all training, employees will be properly trained on how to provide a better customer experience.


Adaptive maintenance tasks clients with consistently updating signage and resources available to the customer about the new initiative. The implementation stage will be rather straightforward, but in dealing with economic changes, the parking atmosphere could change rapidly. Perfective maintenance will ensure that Customer Experience Overhaul is being updated to continually meet the needs of the market. The corrective action of the perfective maintenance plan entails all corrective actions that may need to be taken to maintain functionality. Documents for employees pertaining to customer service and answers to frequently asked questions will be stored via a cloud document on a cloud-based system, this ensures that no employee will be referencing outdated information when answering customer questions.